Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Corned Beef and Cabbage

After a cold and very windy start to the day, we ended up with a lot of sunshine.
I expected more grey.

 Cleaned the stalls and picked more manure in the back paddock.
 We had rain last night, so I'd say a good 75 % of the snow has melted.
 This is how the back pasture looked this morning.  Notice the difference by evening chores (below).

 I love being able to see some grass....
 and the sculptures at the end of the driveway.

 The garlic has even shown up.
 Class today.
Yay!  Tina is finished with her tigers,
 and she made a beautiful card out of a print.

 We discuss all kinds of things during class (besides food).  Tina started a discussion about Snowman weeks ago and today she brought in a book to share.  Shamra grabbed it first.  Do any of you know about this horse?

 After class I made a loaf of bread for Jenny.  Tomorrow it will get delivered along with a dozen eggs.  Today Shamra brought 6 dozen to class.  Her 24 chickens are producing like crazy.
 Had a meeting at 3:30 and went out to do chores a little early.  Remember how this looked earlier?
By late afternoon the ice melted and it turned into a pond with little waves.  Most of the north side of the pasture is flooded.  (So is the outdoor arena).  The three feet of snow had to go somewhere.
 The girls were ready to go in by 6.  The strong winds made it very brisk all day long.

 This yucca plant can't wait for the snow to go away.

 At 6:15 we left the farm and headed out to Hamlin for a delicious St. Paddy's Day dinner.

 through the village...

 and over the Erie Canal.
 We ended up at Randy and Arlene's.
 What a feast.

 I love corned beef and cabbage.  Arlene also made Irish soda bread and sent us home with a loaf!
 For over a decade we have played Sequence every time we get together.
Tonight, Gary and Randy DID NOT WIN!

 I made a fruit cup for dessert.  Light and so good.
Did you do anything special today?
Night all.


  1. It's good to see that the snow is finally going.
    I also commend you on the correct use of the expression "Paddy's Day" no "Patty's Day" which makes every true Irish person cringe :-D :-D

  2. I listened to that book at work and loved it, bought it then and read it. Well worth it, great story!
    Our snow is gone way gone and it is now very dry.

  3. We had our corned beef and Irish soda bread too. My husband is Irish after all.

    I know about Snowman. He was a wonderful horse. I know the family very well and rode with them for years.

    Love the Tigers. So talented.

  4. belated happy St. Paddy's Day. Seems like yours was delightful. You are amazing!!! BTW, I love your Header. Cheers, Stan

  5. Wow! That's your definition of 'short and sweet'? Hate to see LONG and sweet. hahaha Yup, I made our corn beef and cabbage dinner too. Soda bread made the menu too.


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