Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Ice Age Has Arrived...

 It's a darn good thing we had some sunshine!

 I'm sure the girls were thrilled about the -20 windchill.
 We planned to put the hay in the indoor, but there was no wind so they toughed it out in the front paddock.

 The snow just keeps piling up.

 By 2pm the wind started kicking up, so I decided to put the girls back in their stalls.  Even with the sun out it was at least -25.

 I did a couple loads of laundry and rearranged some clothes that needed filing.  Took a very hot shower and got under some covers for awhile before chore time.
 Fed grain with lots of beet pulp, more hay, warmed up their water buckets and picked the stalls.  No going back outside.

 We had a later than usual dinner...at least I made something!
Watching the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary...many laughs.  Love seeing the old clips of my cousin.  His brother Jim also made an early appearance with Dan A.  They are still into the Blues Brothers mode.
Sidney warmed up my seat for me.
By the way, the temperature is 0 and we are having another outrageously cold night.
When is this going to blow over?
Night all.


  1. Wait who is your cousin?!
    Just stared watching it. Freezing here as well, but not as cold as it is for you!

  2. We've been very cold as well, but Monday or Tuesday are supposed to be a bit better before we're back in the deep freeze again on Wednesday and Thursday.

    Those Florida babes are sure coping well with the cold now!

  3. You take such good care of your animals, they appreciate it, I am sure! With no way to get out of the wind, it is so nasty! So much snow!
    We had a lot of snow last year with constant -19 for ambient temps. But nothing like what you guys are getting slammed with.
    I bet you can't wait for Spring.

    1. Val. Thanks! These girls have a 60 foot shed roof in front of the barn, two run-ins and and indoor arena that they can go in anytime they want. Do they? Actually, yesterday the did go in the indoor off and on. Let's see what happens today.

  4. Hi Lori! I followed Ron's Facebook link over to your blog. I've been meaning to visit because I see your icon popping up on Ron's blog and others. You have my sympathy ~ The northeast has really been hammered. I can't imagine having the responsibility of caring for four huge horses during these extended winter blasts. We have a light snowfall coming down here in Aurora, Colorado, nothing like where you are. Stay warm and safe!

  5. That is a lot of snow. We hear more is on the way!
    Lily & Edward

  6. John B. your cousin? Cool.
    We've had severe wind issues yesterday and today. Wind chill at 7AM today at -17F. Worse today then yesterday. Whiteout conditions on back roads near here.

  7. Your weather still sounds like ours. This morning it was -5 without the windchill. Yesterday the wind was horrendous. Supposed to snow again tonight. This is getting really old. Our herd couldn't wait to come in yesterday. We brought them in early. Stay warm.


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