Tuesday, February 10, 2015

No Shoveling This Morning...

After chores we got cleaned up and went to Brockport for Rocco's funeral.
Hundreds of people were in the church and you could hardly find a parking place anywhere in the area.  The community really cared about this man and his family....ready to offer support.
 To think that less than two months ago we were talking to him at the Bicentennial Ball.  
A very sad day.  Such a loss.

Class was postponed until 1:30, and we got home just in time.

Chores a little after 5, and did not make dinner as we had a late lunch after the funeral.

18 degrees now and we just might be above freezing tomorrow.
Night all.
Check out the post below to see what my "wishful thinking" is all about.


  1. Can't believe how much snow you have on the ground. It's so beautiful. How funny you'd post a fox today too!
    I'm sorry that you've had two funerals lately. It does seem they come in groups, don't they?

  2. The snow is beautiful and not beautiful if you have to deal with it. We have a herd of equine, donkeys, mules, and horses. Plus cattle that we raise for our own use. I 'own' two of the mules and two donkeys. The rest are my hubby's collection.

  3. The horsie is melting the snow! Those people are talented
    Lily & Edward

  4. Sorry for the loss of your friend. You must be so tired of snow. Go sit in your sunny room and dream of those beautiful flowers.


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