Monday, February 2, 2015


The weatherman was right on when he gave us the storm warnings.  Over 70 schools in the area were closed this morning and we really got socked.
Around 14-16 inches with drifts up to 4 feet.
We were not going anywhere....
 Gary had to snow blow the driveway twice and it got shoveled one more time.
 Karen was busy with her job so I soloed in the barn.  There was an awful lot of snow that needed shoveling before I could even turn out the horses. I started under the shed roof and Gary opened up a path to the indoor.

 The wind was coming from the East, so I put their hay next to the barn and they had some protection while I finished moving more white stuff and cleaned the stalls.

 Had to be below 0 with the windchill.

 The girls were in their stalls from 10:30 until 4, when they were able to get out and stretch again.
It looked just like it did this morning.

 I picked the stalls (again) and Karen did the rest of the chores.
Of course I did a little more shoveling on my way back to the house.
 By 5:30 the road conditions improved, so we drove down to the Golden Eagle for some chicken souvlaki.  Tasted great.  I took the night off.
It is now 14 degrees.
Night all.


  1. When the horsies have coats we know there's rro
    Lily & Edward

  2. Our critters love fresh snow, they often take snow baths and romp in it like kids. Stay safe, we dodged the big snow and got about 6" and tonight we are to get more.
    That said, it is a nice blanket of white for us! It is pretty!

  3. Wow, that's a lot of snow! I'm so happy that your horses have you to take such good care of them!!! They look happy, warm and content...dare I say, even a little spoiled? :) All horses should be so blessed! Take good care of yourselves too, and stay warm.

  4. We had the same here all day yesterday too. Got about a foot of snow with plenty of drifts. Freezing too with below zero wind chill. I love the pooches face, that says it all.

  5. We had the same too - we just stayed inside. Can't imagine horse owning in these conditions!


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