Sunday, September 7, 2014

Cool It!

And it was cool and sunny....all day long.
 When it's like this, I am extra ambitious.

 Karen picked the pastures...I did some mowing.
 After chores I went over to pick some raspberries and got carried away taking pictures of Gary's flowers.

 After that, I went for my trike ride.  Decided to go down 19 and hung a right on the newly paved Beadle Road.  So smooth.
 Another right on Root....
 and one more right when I got to Covell.
 This hill just about did me in.  It's not the same when you are on a trike with no gears and you are sitting down the whole time.
 I knew I had arrived at the top when I saw this (my favorite in the area) house.
 Happy to get home, but then I was too whipped to go riding with Karen.
 First she rode Angel....

 (I decided to ride the lawn mower instead of Berlin).
 The outdoor arena is filling in more and more, but will have to get much thicker so it does not feel hard.
 I kept mowing....
 and Karen went back out on Maggie.

  Gary (who made more sauce today) now has an umbrella over his flowers and sales have been steady.
 I took a quick trip down to Weggies.  They have gardens all over the place too.
 Gary brought in one of his arrangements for our table tonight.

 Karen cooked.  Jasmine rice and a chicken, veggie and mushroom stir fry.  It was superb!  As usual, I had to have bananas on the side.  Always have them with Chinese food.  Try it, you might like it.
 Had the girls tucked in by 7:30.

 The moon was catching my eye.

Night all.


  1. I like bananas on Indian food -- haven't tried it with Chinese. We're still hot here during the day but, thankfully, cool in the evenings and at night. Those sunflowers of Gary's are spectacular.

  2. I hope Root Rd doesn't meet up with Canal St...HA!

  3. I like the cooler weather too. It just gives me more ambition to do things. Those flowers are gorgeous.

  4. Such pretty flowers.
    Now that you have a bike and an iPhone, how about an app to track your rides? Here's a nice one for horseback riding as an example.


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