Saturday, April 5, 2014


You are getting a big dose of flowers as we had snow this morning!  What a downer.

 I can't tell you how thrilled I was to have it start snowing the minute I walked out the door.

 Windy, muddy, grey and cold.
 We really got socked with rain yesterday and it did not get absorbed at all.

 Sidney, Phoebe and Gucci wanted to go in before we were finished in the barn.

 This is one of the few signs of spring with a side of snow.

 Ran a few errands...shavings at Country Max, Wegmans (where I saw a gazillion friends, all of whom said they would be at the opening Friday night!) and back to the Gallery with the last things that are to be displayed.  I have made several books of photographs over the years and decided to put them in the show.
 Still ugly out there when I got home.

 BUT!  By evening chores it was gorgeous!  Yay!!!!!!!!!

 Look at that sky!

 Tucked the girls in around 6:30.
 I made a decent dinner tonight.  Chicken Helen, baked potatoes and a carrot/apple/craisin/peanut salad.  Just what the Doctor ordered.
 Now if the weatherman is on target, we should be in the 50s tomorrow with some sunshine.
Wouldn't that be nice!
Night all.


  1. The snow was just a passing fancy I guess. Beautiful sky at evening chores. Hope it's gorgeous tomorrow so you can catch a break.

  2. Sending up some warm air in your direction along with the springtime birds! :-) Enjoy your evening, Lori and the rest of the weekend too!!

  3. Those flowers sure are gorgeous -- can it really be that they will all bloom again?! I hope you get a big dose of spring this week . . . xx

  4. Glad the sun finally showed itself. I am sure you will have a good turn-out for the show. Sound so fun!


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