Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Weatherman Was Not Kidding!

No joke!
 It was not that great when Karen and I were doing chores, but we did put the horses out.

 By 11am it was getting nasty, so I put them back in for the day.

  Gary and I passed on chorus....did not want to get stuck somewhere away from the farm.
 By 11:30 it was one big white out.
 The street has been snow covered all day...

 and I could not see the house and barn across the street.
 Spent the afternoon gathering tax information with my butt in the fire.
By evening chore time we had already shoveled three times.

I put the girls out in the paddock while I cleaned the stalls, changed the water, set up more hay and got the grain ready.  Of course it was still snowing.  As of 6pm we had a good 12 inches.

 All the ponies were quite happy to get back in the barn.

I did manage to make a decent dinner...got in to eat after we shoveled for the 4th time.
(People think we are nuts to shovel, but we are very used to doing it and today the snow was very light.  If we had not done it frequently, it would have been a different story.)

 Baked organic chicken, rice and an apple/carrot/craisin salad.
Tasted good to me.
Night all.


  1. Got almost a foot but it was really heavy shoveling it. Very wet. Then we turned to ice rain so there's a nice crust on top. Can't wait for the next round over the weekend.

    Dinner looks great as usual!

  2. When is your birthday Lori? Or Gary's, for that matter? Down here, we do get "USEFUL" items as gifts, and I can see that a snow plough mounted onto a quad bike would be perfect!!! That is a real whiteout. Take care on the skate to the letter box tomorrow, or today. Cheers from Jean.

  3. 12 inches! Yikes!
    I agree about the shoveling. It's easier to do it multiple times as opposed to trying to move it all at once.
    Your dinner looks tasty. What do you dress your apple carrot salad with?

  4. You sure got a lot of snow. Who needs the gym when you can shovel snow four times a day... and lug warm water to the barn.

  5. Oh my look at that! I'm glad you stayed home and out of the weather.

    12 inches of snow and blowing snow is nothing to mess with.

  6. Oh I love your photos that is something that for a moment makes me forget about the weather. Not snowing today but the deep freeze again:) Take care keep warm. Hug B

  7. That looks an absolute blizzard Lori. I don't often say this - but thank God for English weather this winter.
    Although there's been flooding and all sorts in the West Country it really hasn't been tooooo bad this side of the country.

  8. P.s. Earlier this week we were saying that it's been a really mild winter, and an elderly lady (who can be a bit of a misery guts!) said that she thought we have plenty of time for a 'REAL WINTER' to arrive. I pointed out to her that even if that happened, it can't now be a long winter.


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