Thursday, February 20, 2014

One More Time....

Another fabulous sunrise.

 Quite a bit of the snow melted last night and now we have puddles with leftover ice.

A new blossom this morning.

This afternoon Gary, Scott and I drove into Rochester to pick up Jenny and go to The Tap and Table for lunch.  It is located in a section of Rochester called Corn Hill and sits next to the Genesee River.

 We had a nice leisurely lunch.  The coffee was served in a French Press.
Gary and Scott ordered Smoked Clam Chowder for a starter.
 Jenny and I had chicken salad sandwiches...

 Gary and Scott had the French Dip.
Ha! Ha!  The four of us split one apple crisp dessert and I forgot to take a picture.  It was great!
 Kendra was our server and she was outstanding.

 Home around 3.  Gary went to Agape and I sat by the fire, watching another segment of "Life."  We are so hooked it's pathetic...and there are 95 episodes!!!!!

Yesterday the weatherman said it would rain today around 5.  It started at quarter of and turned into very wet sleet.  Tucked the girls in a little early before they really got soaked!

No dinner.  Just a cup of yogurt with some granola on it.
The temperature is supposed to go up to 50 tonight.
Night all.


  1. I was afraid to open your blog and read it. I was afraid you were going to say you had more snow and sub-zero temps. I'm glad that was not the case!

  2. From a magnificent sunrise, to daily chores, eating out, and more snow, down here I can only imagine all that. What a great outlook from the café tables, Cheers to all, Jean.

  3. Gorgeous pictures of the sunrise.

    Looks like a nice spot for lunch too.

    Got up to 50 today and we had some melting. Lots of thunderstorms in the forecast for tomorrow. In front of the fire is the best place to be.

  4. Gorgeous photos. I have never seen the show Life with 95 episodes I do know we are watching 95 episodes of Dr Who time consuming but the weather keeps us in most nights. You have such a full beautiful "Life" yourself:) Hug B

  5. Looks much nicer there~
    Glad you had such a nice temperate day.

  6. I can't believe how well that hibiscus has done! How great to have the blooms.

  7. What a beautiful morning. Thank you for welcoming Edward

  8. Your sky images are SO warm-looking, Lori. Hope your weather continues to improve from now on. Have a great weekend. Jo


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