Sunday, February 16, 2014

Four More Inches...Thank You Very Much!

It's a good thing we had a beautiful sunrise as it was back to shoveling this morning.

 2 degrees...hit a high of 13.

 The snow is piling up along the driveway.
 For a change, I went with Gary to breakfast at the Golden Eagle.  The shrubs in front looked frosted.
 Decided to work on some soup...really need to make a pot each week.
Today, cabbage soup.
 I started with some turkey bacon, then added onions, carrots and celery.

 Added some chicken stock and a bag of our frozen tomato sauce.
 The cabbage went in last.
 After it simmered awhile, threw in some barley. 
 I'll freeze some and save the rest for this week.

Spent the afternoon reading, napping and watching the Olympics.

Chores at 5:30.
 Dinner - bbcued organic drumsticks, baked potatoes and coleslaw.
I never did get out there to ski.  Kudos to Karen for riding Angel regardless of the temperature this morning.  Being made of wood, the indoor was fairly reasonable compared to outside.
By Tuesday we should start a 5 or 6 day stretch of weather above freezing.
We need a break.
Night all.


  1. The soup looks like it should hit the spot on a cold day!

    Went out to dinner tonight and it was snowing again on the way home. Enough already.

  2. Yes you do need a break. We had a warmer week, but with the wind it was hard to tell. The snow is pretty and I bet the soup really hit the spot.

  3. That second sunrise picture is stunning!

  4. I think we could all use a break from the winter, especially you--But that delicious soup sure does provide some comfort until the warmer temps arrive!

  5. I always think of blog friends like you Lori when I see the forecast -- hang in there girl! xo


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