Tuesday, July 23, 2013

T For Tuesday

 A return to the 80s today...but not too bad.

Called the girls in for breakfast.  After they ate, it was back out for some grass...except for Berlin (my sweet oldie) who still likes to hang out in the run-in on hot days.

Lorrie and Moon had a second lesson with Elizabeth and went back to the woods.

Here are some photos of what I missed (taken by Lorrie this morning).

 Class at 10:30.  Jean brought some homemade blueberry syrup and I made spritzers out of it.

 She finished her drawing of "Patrick" today.  What a difference when you take the blue tape off.
 By next week you will have a better view of Donna's flowers.
 Tina finished her leaves and has also started on her flowers.

I don't know where the afternoon went....

Before I knew it, it was time for evening chores.  I put the girls in their stalls around 5 these days, so they can relax for a few hours, then they go out before dark for the rest of the night.  Seems to be working, cooler for them.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch....

Thecrazysheeplady sent me a picture of zucchini pancakes this morning and that took care of dinner plans.  I looked up the recipe and was on it!~
 We had the zucchini, eggs from the chickens across the street, chives from the garden and the rest of the ingredients....so I was on a mission.

 Our friend Arlene stopped by and brought us some leaf lettuce, which I used for tonight's salad...gave her beets, cucumbers and onions to take home.
 Another veggie dinner.  The pickled beets I made the other day were delish as a side.
 We have a cold front comin' through and it may be in the 50s by morning.  That made the sky very dramatic tonight.

 Now it's dark out there and Gary is reading on the porch.
Night all.


  1. Would love the zucchini pancake recipe, they look delish!

  2. Mmm.. Must. make. zucchini. pancakes! Must! :)

    I'm glad your girls are doing all right in the heat.

    And i love Patrick! Beautiful drawing!

  3. Patrick is looking very good can't wait to see the flowers.
    Beautiful sky pictures. Glad it's cooling off a bit. Here too.
    The pancakes sound interesting.

  4. The pancakes look delicious! Yum!
    I loved the video of the horses running in. What fun!

  5. I love the look of the garlic drying! Gorgeous!

  6. Yours look better than mine, but mine at least "ate good" :-D. What did you put on them? Anything?


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