Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Moon Was Such A Good Girl...

 Another gorgeous morning.

We finished chores in a half hour flat.
While Abbe and Berlin chowed.... 


Lorrie harnessed up Moon and they were making their solo debut.  No instructor today, they were on their own.  She line drove her over to the indoor where she got hitched.
 From then on, it was smooth sailin'.
They drove inside, in the outdoor arena....

 and down the lane.

 Could not have asked for more.
 I'd say Lorrie and Moon have arrived at a place where they can be on their own in between lessons.
Elizabeth will be proud of them.

 After lunch I made another Rustic Peach Tart.  This time the peaches were called early reds, so the color is very different.

 One of our friends stopped in to buy some garlic and we chatted for over an hour.
From there, we were off to Agape.

The girls went in for dinner at 5:30.

Then it was our turn to eat.
 Tomatoes, onion, cucumbers, celery, homemade croutons and a good Italian dressing.
 Leftover pasta from last night
And of course we had the peach tart for dessert.

Now!  I was sent all kinds of pictures from Cape Cod and my computer will not let me post them.  Assume they were all taken with iPhones.  What am I doing wrong?  Until I figure it out.....
Night all.


  1. How wonderful to see Moon doing so well. She is a stunning little cart horse/pony!

  2. Moon, one great girl, and lovely desert, yummy!1 Cheers from Jean

  3. Lovely to see Lorrie & Moon flying solo! She is such a pretty pony - I'm just wondering how big is she?

  4. I'm not techie so I can't help you. Glad to see Moon coming along so nicely!

    She is a beauty!

  5. Moon was so good. They look great together.

    When I get pictures sent from the iPhone I would download them into my photo program and then you should be able to use them. If not I'm stumped with computers as usual.


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