Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hot Stuff

 I'm not looking forward to another heatwave....nor are the ponies.

 After chores I ran over to the market....

 while Gary grabbed a coffee at Java Junction.
 (Various people are sponsoring these garden fences in the village...what a difference it makes).
 From there, we went over to Coop's final game of the season.

Here's a short video of Finn practicing his pitching (for Uncle Joe).

 It was very hot and it wasn't even 10am.
 Fortunately Jenny's neighbor brought over the perfect covering to give us some shade.

 Coop got a double and ended up scoring a run.

I was very happy to get back to the farm.  Cooled off and started mowing the lawn.  Did it in three sessions, but finally got the job done.

Invited to dinner at Jenny's tonight.
 Made some veggie shish-ke-bobs.

 Fed the horses at 5 and left them in until 8:30.  Tonight I think they would be more comfortable outside.

 It was good to see Finn and Coop.  They had a lot of photos from their trip to Fire Island this week.

 Loved dinner.

I took pictures of Finn's pictures (iPad shots).  This is the ferry they took to get off the island yesterday.
They sure had a lot of fun with Kevin and Grampa Tom.

No ice cream for me, just give me a fan.
Night all.


  1. Picture 13...Jen and Ariana. Ariana looks just like her Nana...Lori. A beautiful smile!

  2. Wonderful day - even in the heat. Summer and baseball : ) Love those kabobs!

  3. Love your dinner. We've been working so hard outside in this heat we've voted for berries and milk or berries and ice cream for supper!

    The humidity is stifling.

  4. It's great to have your family around you.


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