Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A New York State of Mind

 Jean returned to class today and is back to work on her parrot.  So nice to see her!

Does anyone know what this is?  It volunteered in one of our gardens....I'm going to dry it.

After lunch I made myself go to Agape...have to get back in a regular groove.
 Then I got my hair cut and got home around 4:30.  Still tired.

Fed the horses a little after 5.

 Put them back out and made a quick dinner....Finn had a performance tonight and we needed to be there a little before 7.
 I sauteed the veggies above and poured 6 beaten eggs on top in a pie plate and baked it at 375 for under 30 minutes.  Extra sharp cheddar cheese at the very end.  Another breakfast for dinner....home fries and toast with PB and J.
 Made it to Finn's school just in the nick of time.
 This was a musical about New York State....

Still tired....
Night all.

PS.  Here's a photo from Saturday drumming.  It was taken by Sonya, the Russian dancer 
(lower right).


  1. Great photos, is the plant " honesty", the leaf/pods go silver and are beautiful when dried out?
    Super drummers' pics, and family video too !! Greetings to all, Jean.

  2. Wow, Finn is really growing up!

  3. Is the plant 'Honesty'? I can't remember the botanical name. As it dries the outer covering of the seed comes off to reveal a silver shimmering paper like disk. Very pretty.

  4. Good ones, I was quite sure there will be a lot line up :)

  5. Wow no wonder you are tired you are one busy lady. Take care of yourself OK Hug B

  6. We call that Penny Cress at the Flower Market

  7. Is the plant money tree? My mother would live the plant in the garden until the green turned to a gold/silver color. The outer plant material would slide off and leave silver coins for dried flowers.. Now you know that money does grow on trees.

  8. Not sure about your plant, it looks a bit like 'Honesty'...Hope you find out what it is, if you do then let us know too. lol.


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