Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Circus Came to Town...

 It happened right after chores.
Lorrie and I decided to long line Abbe and Moon at the same time.
 What was Berlin going to do?  Feel left out?  I put a surcingle on her too and walked both of my girls over to the indoor.  Lorrie brought Moon.
 First we walked around the perimeter a couple of times, then I turned them loose.  Knowing them as I do, I knew they would behave even tho Lorrie and Moon were still walking around.

 Berlin (age 29) was up first and made her debut long lining.  Never had done it before and was perfect...such a sweet girl.  In the meantime, Abbe just stood and watched.

 When I switched over to Abbe, Berlin followed us the entire time.
 At the end of our work, they were turned loose again and I helped Lorrie finish up with Moon.
A very unusual and fun experience for all of us.
 I know, I know!  All you horse people must think I'm nuts!  But my two horses are just right for doing this and they were totally calm and cooperative.  It also gave Lorrie a chance to see the trust and respect my horses and I have for each other.
 We took all of the equipment off in the indoor and released them.  They all quietly walked out the door.  I could not ask for more.
 I fell asleep last night when I tried to watch "The Life of Pi", so I watched it this afternoon.  Have you see that movie?  Artistically amazing.  I was going to give it to Jenny for the boys to watch, but ended up thinking it was not appropriate.

It was a gorgeous afternoon...maybe in the high 50s.

 Today Gary planted flowers and peppers...still more to go.

Got the girls off the pasture at 5 (trying to give them less time on grass).

 Will tuck them in before dark.

 Dinner....a Saint Tim Salad with spinach, onion, pears, apples and gorganzola cheese along with the leftover lomain with peas.  Tasted great!
 Look at what I got in the mail today!  Thank you Auntie Reg!  Looking forward to the first issue.
Time for a hot shower.
Night all.

Don't forget to come to the opening for the 12th annual Skoog Farm Workshop Exhibition on June 6th (Thursday) evening from 7-8:30.  The show will go up June 1st at the Seymour Library and will remain there for the rest of the month.  This painting (Doc) by Brenda Cretney, one of the guest artists, will be there along with m a n y others.


  1. Great girls, the indoor arena perfect for them. Planting time, and super food as always,Gary loves the garden, no wonder his job at " Sarahs" is so enjoyable.Cheers from Jean

  2. oh I enjoyed the stories of the white horse Berlin.Age 29/ Wow! A beauty. I so enjoyed the rest of your delghts.

    Hugs from Carol Ann

  3. It's lovely to see your horses in the indoor arena, they look wonderful..(was going to say 'people'), but no doubt you understand what I mean, lol :)

    Also loving the look of your salad...makes me feel hungry, looks a good salad version I may give it a go myself. Have a great weekend :)

  4. I'm petrified of horses, Lori, but I LOVE reading about your work with them. You're so good! Your weather is brilliant. I'm going to look out for the DVD "The life of Pi" when in SA next month. Hope you're having a great weekend. Jo

  5. Since we are not the horsiest people, we should assume the horsies were well behaved
    Benny & Lily

  6. Don't your 'girls' scrub up well?

  7. Not at all familiar with horse behavior, I wouldn't know what would or wouldn't be appropriate... glad it all worked out so well Lori.

  8. Good girls! Berlin is such a sweetheart.
    That salad looks fabulous.


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