Friday, May 24, 2013

Rice and Beans

 It rained last night....it rained this morning.
 Not only that....it started out in the 30s and didn't budge...
 Lorrie and Moon (called Rice and Beans by Elizabeth) had a lesson at 9:30.

 Isn't she adorable???
 At 11:30 I went in the house after cutting all the Iris that were flat on the ground from this weather.

 It was low key for the rest of the day.  I was so cold I got in my chair with a heating pad on my back and covered up with a blanket.  Finished reading a book and semi-snoozed.

Late afternoon the sun finally appeared.  I called the girls in for their grain...

 and put them back outside.

 In the meantime, we took some of our rhubarb moola and went over to Sam's Diner in Holley for supper.
 There's a very nice square in the center of the village and it backs up to the Erie Canal.
Home before dark, tucked the ponies in,  and ready to put on some PJs.  If this cold streak keeps up, we're going to have get the wood stove going again.
Night all.


  1. We had sleet and SNOW this morning! I had to break down and start a fire. 87 just a few days ago and snow today, what a world.

  2. Lovely pics of the girls, they are so good at standing still for you, Bearded iris, I so like the paler shades. keep warm, here we have a much cooler day, and YES, our fires are both lit. Greetings to all, Jean.

  3. Rice and beans - I love it!

    We plan on purchasing a gelding in the next couple of months - wish us luck!

  4. Whatever you call her, she's really beautiful as is your iris!

    Cold here in our corner of VA, but lots of sun for the first time in days!

  5. Love Moon. I think she is the prettiest horse I've ever seen.

    Are you going to ride her at all?

    Just curious. I love her size.

  6. Tee hehe...had to laugh at the man's question, about the mask. I once had a client that was so sad about seeing horse's "blind folded" in fields...they couldn't imagine them being able to see through the FLY Faces! Guess you don't know,about dirty flies and them carrying ick to horses eyes, until you know!

    WOW...we too have had that sort of time...wet,wet, cold, cold. Today was a breakthrough though! NICE!!
    Loved the mares coming in for the grain!!!

  7. Yes, Moon is adorable! Abbe and Berlin too!
    Yuck, that mud!


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