Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mowing, Mowing, Mowing.....

 It heated up quickly this morning.   The girls were back in the run-in by the fan within 15 minutes.

 In and out....in and out.
 Caught up with thecrazysheeplady after chores.  It's hot in Kentucky too.
 I spent some time on the lawn tractor...mowed the lawn, around the pastures and half of the lane.  There are some good places for Moon to be driven now.
 Made a 5 minute trip to the bank and did a little reading when I got back.
Gary planted more tomatoes today.

Evening chores at 5.  Still pretty warm out there...the girls wanted to stay in their stalls.

 The heavy rain knocked down all these iris, so I had to bring them into the house.
 Down to the village for a late dinner.

Home by 8:30.  Another hot one is on the way for tomorrow.
Night all.


  1. Lori sounds like it is very warm there now...love your iris shot.
    Hope it is not too warm for the girls.

  2. The girls know how to keep cool. Hot here too, expecting somewhere in the 90's today. It's just too early for August weather.

  3. The farm is looking grand!


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