Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Get Real....

 The girls were waiting for me this morning.

 After chores, Lorrie groomed Moon and got ready for the farrier.

 Chorus this morning...

 and a performance at Beikirch this afternoon.

 Fed the girls early as we were having dinner with Jenny and the boys.

 Chinese...so good.
 A short photo shoot...

Then home for some couch time.
Night all.


  1. So much green and lots of pretty flowers. How wonderful.

  2. Another full and fun day from start to finish!! :-)

  3. That sky looks menacing! Looks like a busy day for you Lori.

  4. Great pictures as usual. Looks like another busy day,

  5. Those skies looked ominous. Did you send the gray skies my way? It`s raining here now! That`s OK we needed it desperately!!

    Chinese anytime please!!

  6. Always busy, busy! How great you get to see your daughter and grand kids so much!


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