Sunday, May 19, 2013

Answers to a Couple of Questions

I'll start there.
Annette, I will continue to post on Wednesdays.   I meant that we will not being singing on that day.
Terry....about my knee.  I'd say it's pretty darn good after one full year.  I can ride my horse, long line, and do most anything except for kneeling down on it.

Now for today.

I grained the girls and went out to pick the big pasture for a few minutes. When I got back to the barn, you know who was ready for a nap in her nice snuggy bedding.
 When they are out all night, I don't think Abbe is comfortable down, as she must think Moon is going to chase her.  When they were in at night, she would leave a "sleep spot" regularly.  Ahhhhhh, my sleeping beauty.

 I went down to Java with Gary this morning.  Pretty quiet....
 inside and out.

 From there we went over to Sara's, where Gary is now working part time.
 We were on the prowl for some strawberries.

 Please check the post below to see what a gorgeous spot this is.

When we got back to the farm, Gary immediately headed toward the garden and planted the kale and strawberries.

 After that, it was zucchini, leeks and basil.

 As we have 18 huge rhubarb plants, we put a sign out and will start selling it.
 (I love the sign he painted)
 I made a little rhubarb betty out of three big stalks.

 I even made a real dinner tonight.

 Around 7 I went out for evening chores.  Decided to put the big water trough next to the little one so Abbe can't get her dirty foot in it for splashing purposes.

 It was 81 and kind of muggy.  I feel tired...what else is new?
Tomorrow is another day.  Agape here I come.
Night all.


  1. Your town is picturesque. I have nothing planted yet, our weather has been to unsettled. Hopefully things will stabilize next week. Your horses look content.

  2. Funny thing, your rhubarb looks just like mine. Now why is that??!


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