Tuesday, April 9, 2013


After we finished chores, Lorrie took Moon into the grooming room as she needs to start feeling more comfortable when she is away from Berlin and Abbe.  She was a very good girl.

Class today.  Lots to look at.
 Connie brought in a couple of her watercolors...one of which will go in our Stone Soup Auction.

 Her husband Tom, also donated a piece for the auction.  He is into photography.
 Donna returned from Florida, where she spent the last two months.
 While she was there she participated in a few art classes.  Below is a fuzzy picture of a purse she made out of just 1 man's necktie.  Above you can see what she painted on an apron.

 Much of her time was spent playing with acrylics.

 A very good experience.

At 2, Roger came up to give me some hot tips, as I need to learn how to use my new iPad.  Accomplished a lot in a short period of time.  Now I just need to find some time to put it to use.

After that I went to the bank, got flyers printed for the auction, dropped of 4 pieces of art and took a few shots of things that were already there.  I'm trying to tempt you.

After that I got my hair cut and went to Agape where I only had enough gas to do half of my workout.  It was getting late and started to rain.  Made a quick stop at Wegmans and got home in time to do chores before the girls got totally soaked.  Of course they had rolled.

 Tucked those babies in.

Gary watched Finn and Coop after school, ate dinner at Jen's and had a 7pm meeting.
I picked up a $6 meal at Wegs.
and made a salad.
Time out!
Night all.


  1. That watercolor of the irises is lovely. Cute horses!

  2. Why do they like the mud so much? What happens when it is all snow? Maybe too cold. Lovely pieces for your auction. Cheers from Jean

  3. Oh I love seeing the girls running! What a gorgeous shot!

  4. Your students are good!
    Love that salad bowl.
    Neighbor Chuck (retired jockey) is taking an art course and loving it.

  5. pretty horses, pretty ladies & lovely art. And those brussel sprouts look amazing.
    ; )

  6. What good is the rain if you can't roll in mud?? Such beautiful girls, even when wet and muddy.

  7. I saw how clean she looked in the first picture...and knew that couldn't last ;-).

  8. Is there a time when you are not busy?!

  9. Busy busy busy I get that one:)
    Love the photos and you are busy thanks for taking the time to share. You always leave me hungry:) Hugs B


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