Monday, April 15, 2013

73 degrees!!!!!

 Who would think that the Boston Marathon could end this way? 
Sending love to all those involved.

Here in Brockport, by a little after 6am the sky was screaming with color.  A reason for happiness....

 The temperature was finally going to go up....the pond in the back pasture disappeared by the end of the day....
 and the girls could run around naked.

 I started cleaning out all the whips that had blown off the willow tree this winter.
 Everything is starting to grow!
 At 10am I drove down to the Village Hall to judge a poster contest.

 The first week in May there will be a 5 day celebration in Brockport when the Canal opens.
It is called "Low Bridge, High Water" and has developed into quite an event.  I'll be posting more about it and if you live around here, I hope you will participate.
 From there I went over to the High School to check out the Large Group Instruction room where we will hold our Stone Soup Auction.  The space is perfect.

 I plugged away outside this afternoon and Gary watched Finn and Coop, starting dinner for Jen.  He makes sure the boys do their homework before she gets home.



 We had a great meal.
 Mixed greens....crusty bread....

 Lomain and pork tenderloin with onions and carrots (that's what Gary made).
 Broccoli too.

 Home in time for evening chores.  When I left earlier, all the ponies were in the flooded outdoor arena.  I swear, they all played in the water while I was gone.


Night all.

So sorry about Boston....


  1. Lori, your heart says so much. And why, oh why, do your horses roll in mud and water??? Lovely meal, and all best wishes for the auction, great venue. Cheers from Jean

  2. It really is heartbreaking what happened in Boston today at such a wonderful community tradition. I am also keeping them in my prayers...

    But I'm glad that your day was a safe and enjoyable one from start to finish!!

  3. Oh Lori I cannot believe this Boston Marathon incident it upsets me thinking of all the people and the fear it creates among us all.

    The sun is beautiful and I am loving these warm days hope they stick around. Hug B

  4. Love the shots, especially the crocuses.

  5. Beautiful, gorgeous and more beautiful. And now we're hungry
    Benny & Lily

  6. My son called this afternoon as he wasn't sure if we had gone in to watch the Marathon, we don't normally and hadn't today, he was so relieved. Life had gone on as usual today on our small Massachusetts farm , but we are all sadly affected with what happened in Boston .

  7. Boston is a real tragedy. Brett and I were just talking about it. Do you think Gary could teach Brett how to cook? He's worried about what he's going to eat during the week when I'm in Sacramento. He makes great eggs but you can't have that for every meal.

  8. Laughing at your muddy ponies! My guys are finally clean - the ground has dried out at last.

  9. How nice Jen doesn't have to be the homework "bad guy" it's wonderful how much time you're both able to spend with them.

  10. You are both very fortunate to have your grandsons so near you (and vice versa of course).


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