Sunday, December 2, 2012

Slacking Off....

 The girls started off with blankets....got soaked, then rolled.
 After chores I went up to the loft and threw down some first cutting.
 There is a chute that goes down to the first floor and then I stack in the feed room.
 Never left the house or fire today....

but I did manage to make a banana cream pie.
 Gary and I have been on a reading kick.  He went through 3 books this week and I managed to finish one.  Now I need to get going on another.  These damp, rainy days are perfect for vegging.

Chores at 5.  It was extra dark.
 Don't you love the way Abbe looks after rolling in the sand (indoor)?  Tomorrow she will need a serious grooming.
 It was 50 degrees in the barn...so they are naked.

 Roasted potatoes....
 and BLTs for dinner.
 I think this has become my favorite sandwich.
Night all.


  1. YOU slacking off????

    Not compared to ME, LOL

    Wishing YOU a sweet week,
    with Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    ~ > < } } ( ° >

    > < 3 3 3 ( ' >

    ><}}(°> ~

  2. Slacking off??? I'm not sure I saw that - throwing hay down and stacking it... not much slacking in that!
    I never cared for tomatoes until recently. Now, my favorite sandwich is a tomato sandwich (made with off-the-vine tomatoes). Since I love bacon, I'm sure I'd love BLT's... I just never think of cooking bacon!

  3. I wouldn't call this slacking off! lol I love winter as it also gives me more time for reading. BTW...I made it out of softball practice after only 2.5 hours. WHEW! lol

  4. You are the opposite of a slacker!!!

  5. If this is what "slacking off" is called, what happens when you get cracking ?? Love the pie, and the fire. Tuck up and read, my idea of winter bliss. Cheers from Jean

  6. I know what slacking off looks like and that is not you! :-)!! Your days are full of so many things from start to finish--I hope today has been an enjoyable one!

  7. Theses BLTs look amazing. And a piece of pie for dessert would make it perfect.

  8. Love that beautiful hay! Humm ... you just sitting around? Can't imagine that especially when doing chores at 5 am. Your dinner looks fabulous!

  9. BLT is my favourite, too. Yum.
    I laughed at your "dirty" horse! You have nothing to worry about ;D

  10. Oh I could barely scroll down from the pie but then the BLT was worth it.:)
    Love the photos. Hug B

  11. Your meal looks fabulous. It's not cold or snowy here but I feel like slacking and reading too. :)

  12. The banana pie looks good and reading in front of the fire is something I should be doing right now. :)


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