Monday, October 22, 2012


 Another example of Indian Summer with more mild days on the way.

 Did my thing at Agape...
 Back to the farm at 12:30.

 We have two huge patches of bamboo and I am trying to cut them down before the town comes by for the fall pick up.  Accumulated an outrageous amount of brush (that I would like to get rid of).

 The temperature was near 70 today and positively ideal.
 When I went out to put the girls in for the night, Berlin came in gimpy (front).  Picked her feet and felt them for heat...so far can't find anything.  Will probably soak her tomorrow morning to see if it makes a difference.
 It was just about dark when I finished a little pasture picking.

 The moon was shining down on the indoor's metal roof.
 A very hot shower is in order.
Have to watch the last debate.
Night all.


  1. You are having such a pretty Fall.
    I hope the morning finds Berlin all better.

  2. Lovely fall colours.Before too soon, the election, then winter.A lovely time with cosy fires, hot home-made soup, and warm covers for the girls. Cheers from Jean.

  3. I hope Berlin is ok!
    & hasn't the weather been amazing?
    You certainly have captured the beauty of Autumn at your farm Lori!

    & aren't you glad the debates are over?

  4. Flash and Winston are happy do be home. What's the deal with Berlin being off? Grrrr!

  5. Hope Berlin is feeling better this morning. The fall colors are always so pretty aren't they. Glad the debates are over.

  6. Hoping your weather holds so you can do all you wish in the yard. Ours is gone and I'm afraid for good, snow and ice last night...not much but does look like winter outside (and in now that the stove is going).

  7. I hope Berlin is OK today. The moon shining on the roof is a great capture.

  8. I love Indian summers - they're the best!!! We had a "barely there" frost on 2 occasions, only visible on the car windshield, followed by 70 degree days and sunshine, but it was short-lived and we've been rainy here for almost a week now. Mud's back... :(
    I was so hoping for a long, dry fall for a change. Glad you're enjoying one. Sure hope Berlin's ok.


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