Monday, October 8, 2012

That's More Like It...

 You know the drill.
 Got back to Agape today and had a very good workout.  Had not been there since last Thursday.
 This afternoon Jenny and the boys came up to help Gary plant garlic.

 We had a visit from Jack and Louise...who watched before coming in for tea and brownies.

 I've had a request for a post giving directions on how to grow garlic.  It will be coming soon.

 When they left I walked across the street to see Paula's new horse...Finnegan!

 This is her sweet pup....Sprout.

 Back home for evening chores.
 The light was beautiful ALL day.

 Gary will finish planting tomorrow.  He broke up the last heads tonight.

 Louise dropped off some lasagna when they were here, so dinner was a piece of cake.
Night all.


  1. What great shots! You live in a lovely place.

  2. Have you noticed how animals steal the show without even trying? Love Sprout's mug shot. . . He's an adorable fellow. Garlic planting day looks like a wonderful event.

  3. Looks like Grandpa had some helpers. Nice family activity... great memories.

  4. What??? Now you're going to help with the how-to on garlic planting? I needed you 4-6 weeks ago, lol!


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