Sunday, October 28, 2012


 So far, it is in the 40s, raining and manageable.  Berlin and Abbe did not stay under the shed roof for long...went out to the pasture.  As you can see below, Berlin was moving a little better this morning.

Spent some time in the loft rearranging hay.
 Around 9:30 we left for the market.  Not a good way to end the season, wet and cold.

 Took a bunch of pictures at Java and every single one was fuzzy.  
Something about focus tracking.  Played around before chores, took the battery out of my camera and put it back in...voila...see my practice shots, clear again.

 We have had a fire going all day and put away porch furniture so it does not get blown away in the next couple of days.  The weather channel is scaring me and I worry about everyone in Sandy's path.
 When I went out to do chores, could not believe that these blossoms were still there.
 I really hope the rain does not flood any of the barns...we are having high flood warnings around here and tomorrow the wind and volume of rain will pick up.
 Why do horses like to roll in the mud?

 Fed the girls a little early.  They were wet, even tho they spent a lot of time under the shed roof.

 Once the wind picks up, I expect this willow tree to break apart.

 The dogs have not been outside much in the past two days.
 It sure sounds like a lot of us are going to lose power.
Hang on everyone.
Night all.

Last night I could not resist getting my camera out at 10:30 to take a couple pictures of
Seymour and Sophie hangin' out in the baskets on the back porch.
The whole area has been battened down and I have a feeling they are going to be spending some time in the house and basement for the next couple of days.

Time for a turkey sandwich, the fire and "The Good Wife."


  1. Be safe, Lori. Thinking about everyone in the path of the storm.

  2. Lori, I do hope you stay safe, all hatches closed down, everyone indoors, and the fire going. Here in NZ we are getting a lot of news about "Sandy" and of the election campaign disruptions. Flooding, heavy snowfall inland, winds of huge intensity, it sounds so scary, I hope all those who are asked to evacuate will do just that. Greetings from Jean

  3. This storm... It has us all worried. We won't feel much actual affect here, other than worry for all our friends in it's path.

  4. Glad to see Berlin is feeling a little better. The kitties look too cute in those baskets. Sounds like you're well prepared. I hope you don't lose the willow, it's so beautiful. But it might be safe they are supposed to bend in the wind. Stay safe.

  5. Hang on is right, stay safe, stay warm and I laughed at your market pictures as our last outdoor market was Saturday too....but they got snowed on!


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