Thursday, October 18, 2012


Not too long ago I was sent this message from my friend Helen, who lives in Scotland.

She is so clever!
Since I can't make it to the party, I sent her a pearl.

Helen and Andrea are connected...
even tho there is an ocean between them.
The big sister is always looking out for her sibling.

During the past several years
a pilgrimage has been made from Scotland
to Glen Darach Farm, not far from the shores of Lake Ontario.

Cooking, cleaning, supporting...
having tea ready throughout the day.
Making time to visit the friends that have been made over the for anything, from picking strawberries
to walking along the beach.

She always brings light with her, wherever she goes...
as light as the warm glow from pearls.

Family and friends are important.
On her 56th birthday, Helen will be the one
giving out gifts.

Helen, I wish I could be there for this very special day.


  1. Such a wonderful idea asking for pearls. What a treat it would be to be there and hear them read. I wish you were going on an adventure....

  2. Happy Birthday to your friend!

    Blogging for her is a cute thing to do.

  3. What happened to your sidebar?
    Love the idea of "pearls."

    Happy Birthday, Helen

  4. Happy Birthday Helen this is incredible I loved this idea and I do hope everyone lifted their cup of tea to you. B

  5. Very sweet - what a lovely birthday pearl.


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