Sunday, October 7, 2012


 Pink sky in morning...sailors take warning...
 Pretty damp...Abbe and Berlin were happy to be out of their stalls
rain or not.

 The sky looked like this for a few minutes, but never turned blue.
 We drove down to the village around 9:15.   I went to the market
Gary went to Java...the usual.
 I bought a peck of big red peppers for $5.00, a red cabbage for $1.50 and 4 homemade donuts.

At the end of October it will shut down.  We are so lucky to have fresh fruit and veggies available.
 Meanwhile back at Java, Jenny and Gary were having coffee...when our friends Joe and Alicia
came in.  Does Joe look like Billy Joel's brother or what? He happens to live in NYC and has been mistaken for him.
 Gary had his last duty at the Welcome Center and I spent the afternoon watching a movie in front of the fire.
I did manage to make a pot of soup.

 It was still ugly when I went out to do chores so the ponies are in again.  I hope we don't get a frost tonight.  Don't want these gorgeous blossoms to disappear.

Dinner, to be followed by a hot shower and a look at "The Good Wife."
 The soup was perfect for this kind of weather.
Night all.


  1. Our high was in the sixties today. Chilly for us. The wood stove will be working soon!

  2. Your town is lovely in the Fall!

  3. Your meals do look so good, lovely market food, chilly days.When it is really winter weather do the horses stay in all day/night?
    Greetings from Jean

  4. Got back so late I didn't get to see The Good Wife. Now I'll attempt to watch it on my slow Internet... that will use of about 1.5 hours of my day. Boo!

    We are having rain as well. Definitely not my favorite weather when one has animals.

    Your soup looks good. Hope you enjoyed the fire.

  5. That soup looks wonderful. ...and now I'm craving a donut. Sunny here today. Warm, but not hot.


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