Campaign 2017

Campaign 2017
Good Morning!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!


In between raindrops Gary escorted me out to the paddock.  
When I called the horses they came running.
They wondered what the walker was, but came right up to me for some carrots and apples.

 Made my day.


  1. Ciao cara bella...!!!

    oh, I am back after all these loong months; missed all the news and I see this....!

    Oh, I read a lot of your past posts and I could understand that you had problems on a leg?!

    All my very, very best wishes for a quick recovery, dear Lori; I know you are strong and you will do great!!

    Thinking of you !
    So glad you could touch your loved horses again!!!!!!
    your tuscan friend elvira

    ciao ciao

  2. Close up.. so close!! Wonderful to be outside,and I'm sure a walker is so much better than crutches.Sunshine and fresh air are great healers. Cheers from Jean

  3. I bet it made their day too!! :-)

    I hope your enjoyable day has continued!!

  4. I'm sure it made their day too. After Brett's knee replacement, I walked Flash up to the house where Brett was sitting outside the door on a bench. Flash didn't like the walker. He picked it up and tossed it aside.

  5. So glad you made it out there - must have felt great!

  6. Oh happy day! Love the video clip - they are so happy to see you! Bet you were just as happy to see them.

  7. That must have been so wonderful for you! I've been too busy to rider this weekend but I did go give Luke a hug and smooch on the nose today, and fed him and his buddies what remained of a bag of carrots. It's so comforting to just see him and touch him.

  8. So happy to hear you made it out to see your horses. That's the best therapy of all. I'm sure they were glad to see you too.


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