Saturday, May 26, 2012


 The Skoog Farm Journal Cub Reporter tried out her new camera....

 Her father went down to help her with the lawn, as she was having mowing problems.

 Jenny' yard is really shaping up.

 Buster and Ice did their best to stay out of the way.

 Meanwhile back at the ranch....I had an Abbe siting this morning.

 Another beautiful day...still need rain.

 Lots of visitors.

Ben and his Grandma (Judy) stopped over for a visit and brought a very special treat!  Judy has become our personal chef!!!!!

Chili Dogs!  What a hit!

 Gary, Jenny and I chowed!

 Then Mary Pat (my favorite model) stopped by to pick some rhubarb.

 Right after she left, Sally pulled in and then Carol.  We all had quite a chat.

 More food in the frig too.

I still have one set of Physical Therapy to go.  Yuck!

And how could I forget Tina?  She stopped over late afternoon to pick some spinach
and brought us a beautiful begonia...pictures tomorrow.

Time for a nap.
Night all.

Thanks for all the cards, letters, emails, food and attention!!!!!!!


  1. I believe your friends are taking care of you so very well...and your Camera is taking excellent snaps...rest and rejuvenate, Lori!!!

  2. A hand to hold me just when I needed it most!! The last photo tells a story all by itself. Wonderful friends,I believe kindness goes in a huge circle, and in time they too will receive as much as you have. Cub Reporter, well done, meals on wheels, you could not ask for more. Cheers from Jean

  3. It is obviously true - you CAN'T keep a GOOD woman down! You go girl.

  4. Such good caring friends you have. It's so nice of everyone to bring dinners and company. The pictures are wonderful of the boys having fun and Jenny's yard looks pretty.

    Hope your PT session goes well and you start feeling better quickly. Love the pup laying on Mommy's lap, so adorable.

  5. Looks like such beautiful weather. I hope some of that heads this way. The boys look like they are having a really good time.

  6. I know I've said it before, but your friends are the best!

  7. I'm impressed that you are actually letting people 'do' for you :)) instead of you running around doing for so many others. Take it easy, be well. I bet you can't wait to be up and running again . . . or are you getting used to this more leisurely pace, mm?


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