Monday, January 16, 2012


 It was barely 5 degrees this morning.
 Jill and I were both cold when we were doing chores.  I had to switch from gloves to mittens.
 The sun blasting out was a good sign.

 My buddies and I vegged out part of the afternoon.
 At 4 we picked up Finn and Coop and took them over to the Stoneyard for wings.  The Monday special...10 for 2.50.

They started off with a gigantic cup of hot chocolate.

 Finn had mac and cheese with a side Cesar salad, 2 of my country sweet wings, one of Gary's garlic parmasean wings and two french fries.
 Coop had 10 mild wings and a couple of fries.

 Sally stopped in to drop off a book and a couple of plates.
 As soon as I got back to the farm I did chores.  So much the 30s.
 Bridge in a little while.
What do you think Sally?
Night all.


  1. Brrrr. I'm shivering just reading your blog. You did the right thing vegging out this afternoon!

  2. Coop looks like he is enjoying those wings.

  3. nothing as precious & appreciated as winter sun!

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  4. Coop sure makes those wings look good!
    Stay warm!

  5. Another good day for you! We woke up to about 20 degrees this morning, and while I was waiting at the vets office I saw 3 people with flip-flops on, and 2 of them had shorts...Are we thinking the same thing? ;-)

  6. Sounds like a great day!

    We had the red/pink skies this morning too and I was trying to remember the saying... Red skies at night sailors delight.. Red skies at dawn...

  7. Brrr. But the photos are beautiful.

  8. Down here we have all the temperatures in Celsius, so I did a quick convert!!! 5F equal to our -15 C We enter the coldest days in records, in 1903, the temp recorded was -25.6 C equal to your -14 F ,in Central otago, in the South Island at Ranfurly. Love the sky colours, the jet stream vapour, and your family, the ones with covers out in the snow, and the ones eating spicy wings!!! Cheers from Jean in NZ, today about 30 C where we were.

  9. Had three hard white frosts followed by sunny days. Been a mild winter here so far.

  10. Some wonderful 'light' shots to start your day.

  11. Wow! That hot chocolate looks fantastic! I know I promised a peek inside my Smudge book, but the photos I took were all blurred. My camera is acting up. I will try again today to get some shots in a brighter setting. Stay warm!

  12. Dear Lori,
    Are Coop and Finn your children or grandchildren? Finn certainly has developed a taste for a wide variety of food. That's wonderful at his age. I was still a very picky eater when I was that young.

    Once again your photographs have me there in New York state watching the sun rise and feeling the chill of early morning.



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