Sunday, January 15, 2012


 An icy morning....single digits.
 The good news was the sunshine.
 The girls were loving it.

 Zap!  It was brilliant out there.

The Sunday Stills challenge was "corners" today.  Here is one I did not post.  Gary has a real chair collection going in his barn.
 My bird is doing well and it would be nice if the four others would hatch.  I want to see them all at once.
 There is something about that morning light that comes into the kitchen.

 At 10:30 we arrived at Apple Creek Farm for a nice leisurely brunch.
 Louise always outdoes herself.
 Today we had scrambled eggs, Polish sausage (with horseradish), carrot salad, homemade coffee cake, grits and bagels with fresh raspberry jam.
 After we finished eating we went in by the fire and gabbed for a couple of hours.
 The temperature went up almost 10 degrees while we were there.

 Home before 3.
 Somehow it is much easier to tolerate the cold when the sun is out.
 Even the horses like it.

 Gary went down to Brockport for a walk with Randy and I started watching the MAD MEN series.  Brenda and Al loaned it to us...it's going to take many hours but NO commercials.  Love it.

Out to do chores after five.
 Gary helped with water buckets and paddock picking, so I was done in a flash.

 Dinner was different tonight.  When he went to Wegmans to get the Sunday Buffalo News I asked him to pick up a $6 Meal of his choice (Kim at Golden Pines knows what I'm talkin' about) and I made some turnips and a salad.
 Normally Gary only likes Italian dressing, but tonight I made one that you may want to try.  It was a spin off of Russian....mayo, sour cream, ketchup and salsa.  So good for a change.
We split chicken French and a bunch of veggies.  Pretty good!
Night all.

PS - I can't comment on certain blogs:  Benny and Lily, The Smushies and a couple of others.  Very frustrating.  Just when I think I can write something, it disappears.  Sorry, it's not that I don't want to.


  1. Sun does make all the difference. When it is grey outside it feels colder than a lower temperature with sun. Your brunch looks yummy -- I'm a big horseradish fan so that sausage combo looked especially good. And, I'm going to try your Russian dressing spin off.

  2. Oh, that sun, I know what you mean. We've completed our 900 mile trek to NC - bright sunshine here, too. Hope you stay toasty.

  3. The sun was delightful but didn't want to stand around outside for very long. Brrrr! Can't even imagine what it must be like in Alaska this winter...-25 or worse!

    Liked both your corners.

  4. Nice to see the sun in your pictures. It really does make a difference in winter.

  5. what a wonderful morning! I'm craving for your breakfast and juice :D

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  6. You're right somehow we tolerate the cold so much better when the sun is out!

  7. Sally doesn't want to imagine Alaska right now. Other than an odd day here or there it's been -208 to -50* for far too long this winter. I'll be so glad when it breaks. No amount of sunshine will get me out enjoying the -30* I have right now!! I found your temp. on your sidebar.... 5* isn't all that great either! Enjoy your movies series.

  8. you really share the winter day!

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


  9. Dear Lori,
    Once again your posting is a treat for the senses. I can see the warmth of the sun and feel it too. I can taste that delicious supper--even though I am a vegetarian--and see the colors on the plate and the beauty of nutritious food. I can smell that food and the crispness of the air outside. I can hear the horses as they quietly neigh their contentment. And I can touch the beauty of the those pine trees. Thank you.


  10. It looks like you had a beautiful day. Particularly that brunch. We could look at those pictures all day...

  11. You are right about the sun... but here in Colorado, it is more than just a nice feeling, it really changes the temperature. When the sun hides behind clouds the temperature immediately drops.

  12. I know what you mean about the sun making it feel warmer. I also am glad the wind finally stopped blowing! I will have to try that salad dressing recipe!


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