Thursday, October 27, 2011


Barely 40 degrees this morning.
Fed the ponies and turned them out with their rain sheets on.

For some reason they were extra revvvvvveeed about going in the back pasture.

Got a call from Louise about picking apples.  We are going to have freezing temperatures and maybe snow tonight, so she said that I should come over and get some.   I did.

 Got home around 11:30, built a fire and finished reading "Ruby Holler."  Another great book by Sharon Creech.   Even tho her writing is geared toward the young reader, I am determined to read them all (so is Daniela...our 9 year old granddaughter who has already read a couple).
 I posted a photo of a pigeon yesterday.  Sharon sent me an email and wondered if I had read "The Unfinished Angel" yet, as it would change the way I think about pigeons.  I'm on it.
 Spent most of the afternoon with my back to the fire....reading of course.

Called Jenny,  and invited the crew up for dinner....nothing fancy.

 Hungry for pasta...our own sauce (just veggies from our garden).

 I actually made some brownies for the boys (which were jazzed up for dessert).
 Very mellow and cozy tonight.

About Hickory......
 Remember my posts about Tim and Sara (Punkin's Patch) who came up to visit a short while ago?
She casually mentioned she was looking for a nice quiet horse...I called my friend Andrea and she made a referral which we followed up on.  Within 3 hours Sara was on Hickory after he was ridden by his owner...Paige.  It was smooth sailing all the way.  This was the horse she was looking for.
They headed back to Kentucky and somewhere along the way, decided he was a good match.
I'm very happy to say that today Hickory was delivered to his new home by Paige and her Mom.  He got there safe and sound,  and was greeted by his new family (horses, sheep, dogs and cats.....and chickens).
(photo by Sara...I stole it!)

May he live happily ever after at Equinox Farm.
(card by Sara)

Don't you love stories with happy endings?
Night all.


  1. Another wonderful post. Those books by Sharon Creech really caught my eye. I hope I can get some good reads in this winter. Love the card.

  2. I love stories with happy endings!
    (You steal great pictures.)

  3. Hickory's doing just fine here and we are so glad you found him for us :-).

  4. what a wonderful story and glad the ending was great. Happy adoption Hickory!

  5. It is so wonderful when horses find a good home. You can see the love in the photo of Hickory. --and dinner looks awesome as usual.
    Yes, I do know how lucky I am to have Brett to share my passions, especially the horse one.

  6. the world at peace!

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  7. Hickory looks very happy in his new home!

  8. Great photos and I enjoyed the videos of horses as there are only cows around here.

  9. Yay Hickory! How lucky to find a wonderful home, and in Kentucky to boot. Love the video - yee haw. Dinner looks yummy.

  10. I very much love stories with happy endings. I love both your places...what awesome farms to live on.

  11. I DO love stories with happy endings. Huzzas to Hickory and new owners. And I quite like seeing that stack of Creech books in your cozy home. . .


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