Saturday, September 3, 2011


 They call it a heat wave.....
 a tropical heat wave.....
 So what if the sky was beautiful....
 We had to unload a wagon piled with hay and it just had to be on the east side of the barn where the sun was blasting us.
 Butch showed up with a phenomenal load of a grass mix second cutting.
 Green and perfect.
 Above is his first cutting.  This man knows how to do hay.
 Barb was doing most of the heavy work, so I got up on the wagon (we hired a kid to help) and threw off the hay, while they stacked.  We were all soaked by the time we were done.

Watched Lydia on PBS during  lunch, took a shower and ran a few errands.  The highlight was being in the air conditioned Wegmans.  I positively can't handle 91+ degrees with high humidity.

 This afternoon my friend Pam (Sally's daughter) stopped up with her soon to be granddaughter, for a visit with the horses.  She provided me with a couple of great back view shots.

 Couldn't wait to see the horses....she'd met them through this Journal.

 Here, she was trying to talk to Newbie, who was in the shade under the wheelbarrow.
 Such a beautiful child.
 Could not get enough of the swing.

 Then she wanted Pam to get on.
 I got so hot doing chores I needed another cold shower (earlier I had given Phoebe and Gucci one).

Then it was time for dinner.  Jen was coming up.  I just could not cool off and was Miss Crabby.
 Kept it simple.  Tomato salad.
 The best corn of the season....
 And what else?  Veggie burgers.
 Jenny thought you should see hers....she wanted something green on it, like her father's homemade dill pickles....thought my was too boring.
 After sitting directly in front of the fan, I started to cool off.
 Hey Tina!  I put the hibiscus plant out on the back porch awhile ago, and look what popped up today.  Should have put it out there for the entire's really growing.
 "Let's see....are there any good movies Kristen and I could go see tonight?"
It's Pony Time.
Night all.


  1. You want to cool off? Come visit me - 42 degrees tonight!
    Little girls and horses are such fun.

  2. I couldn't handle your weather either - even with the pretty skies. We are having a heat wave here as well but the humidity is only 50% or so -- I'll stop whining pronto.

  3. Hi Lori, that yellow hibiscus is the little girl in the swing,it brought a smile to my face! I can't wait for our hot,humid you can't bear to wear long pants in summer!

  4. another lovely day!

    when hibiscus you see
    think of me :)

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  5. So glad your hay arrived...but on the hottest/humid day of the summer. ugh!

    Great pictures...

  6. We were back up to 99 again for a couple days last week - blech. That little girl is just adorable, and I'm sure she had a ball playing over at your house ;o)

  7. It's so hot and humid here too. I actually rode yesterday morning and thought I was going to have a stroke. No riding today. I hate this weather and can be a little crabby myself.

    Beautiful little girl. She looks like the only one who was cool and having fun in her little bathing suit. I love to see pictures of children enjoying horses.

  8. Yesterday was hideous here, too!
    Adorable little girl..and that hay looks gorgeous.

  9. This evening. This evening the heat will break. It's been miserable, for sure. It seems that you get out of the rhythm of Summer, when you expect the heat. Then, in early Fall, when it is beginning to cool, it always feels like such a blow to have that heat and humidity make a return visit.

    Oh, that corn looks delicious. I wish I could eat fresh corn on the cob, but it pays me back, every time.

  10. Such a sweet face on that child - and we're wafting some cooler air your way: feel it yet?

  11. Yay Hay :-D. I think the horrible summer is pretty much done. I'm sure we'll get one more blast, but we're all sitting around in sweatshirts today. Yippeee!!!!


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