Monday, August 22, 2011


 The usual....
 Lily and Newbie were on the porch...no Sophie sighting in days.
 Finished up in the barn and started working on the gardens.  What the heck is this?  Growing in the one next to the kitchen?????
 Tons of peppers and tomatoes were ready for picking today.
 From morning til night the sky was magnificent.

 Called Deb with a veggie alert.  Tom came up with a big basket....I filled it up.
 Had my tomato sandwich for lunch....mmmmmmmmm.
 Gary and Woody cleaned the gutters on the back of the house and spent the afternoon painting.  I continued cleaning out the gardens next to the driveway.  Around 3 I decided to go for a nap.  Last night I could not fall asleep until early morning and woke up pooped.

Jill had chore duty.  I took a shower, made a garden salad and Gar and I went over to George Ds for the Arts Festival/Duck Derby debriefing.
 The perfect place for hosting a picnic.
 Beautiful gardens, waterfalls and plantings.

 Attached to the back of the house is a huge pergola of sorts.  He must be able to seat 30 people.  After the meeting we had a pot luck picnic.

 When we got home, I opened up a bag with a gift in it from Pat B. (who worked so hard on the festival)....a beautiful rubber duckie. 
Night all.


  1. I am so jealous of your cosmos. Mine never germinated.

  2. You've captured the 'sky show' quite nicely.

  3. You had a busy day, and a beautiful one.

  4. Nice place for a picnic.
    Here it's still around 100°F. So, we stay inside with the fans.
    See you soon

  5. lots of bounty, great photos...

  6. You are always such a busy lady! Looks like a wonderful day weatherwise. I hope Sophie is okay and where will you put the duck? :)

  7. Love the header.
    I hope Sophie turns up safe and sound.

  8. Lori, those "what the hecks" are stinkhorn mushrooms.


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