Tuesday, July 19, 2011


 This morning my assistants were out in the barn with me and I did not take one picture!
 My other helpers were there too.

 Our spinach is almost ready to bite the dust, so I went out to the garden to pick whatever I could find.  All this heat has caused it to bolt.
 We do not water our vegetable or flower gardens unless something has just been planted.  In spite of that, everything has grown like crazy.

 Last night we picked cucumbers and zucchini and this morning I picked beets and our first peppers.
 The tomatoes are getting huge and the row of Cosmos is just about ready to blossom.

 As usual I tried to squeeze in too much before class.  Went to Wegmans and did not have enough time to get cleaned up before it started.  It won't be the first time they put up with my barn clothes.
 Judy continues to amaze me with her drawing skills.
 Donna is stepping outside her normal box and is working on a face.
 Tina is making progress on her newest DJ drawing.
 When we were finished....Judy and Tina grabbed some of the last spinach.

 Just before they left, my friend Alice showed up with her new rescue dog, Teddy.
 At noon Gary drove Ariana and Daniela into Jen's office for lunch and to help out this afternoon.

I had the outdoor and indoor arenas rototilled again...The past two times this one was flooded within hours.  So when is the rain going to start?
 The girls ate at Jen's and I did evening chores.
 Notice how PC and Berlin are in one pasture and Abbe and Belle are in another.

Started cleaning the house and when Gary got home he did all the glass doors on the cupboards in the kitchen.  It looks much better.  Will finish up tomorrow.

 Had a little meat sauce left, so we had a very simple dinner.
 I actually put my feet up for an hour before chores with some ice packs on my knee.  Felt so good.
I'm calling it a day.
Night all.


  1. Looks like quite a busy day. My garden is also producing despite all of the heat.

  2. What did you do to your knee? We can't be laid up, we have chores!

    Your garden is immense! You would laugh at mine. I laugh at mine!

  3. Your garden looks beautiful - so lush! And you don't water?? I can't even imagine... our summer water bill is astronomical. I have to irrigate every morning and even then, the veggies look wilty in the afternoon. ..oh, and I'm thinkin' rhubarb pie next weekend. Waiting for a few more stalks and more red.

  4. heaven on earth

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral


    > < } } ( ° >

  5. heaven on earth

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral


    > < } } ( ° >

  6. Hi Lori, your header is BEAUTIFUL and so is your garden. My what a crop of everything! Did you hurt your knee, and I missed the post about it? I love the new rescue dog your friend brought. As always I loved your post. Rest up and have a great week ahead. Blessings Jo

  7. Waoaw, Lori....YOUR GARDEN is a WONDER; sooo big and sooo green; despite you don't you said; it is incredible that your vegetables are growing so beautifully; you sure have got TWO GREEN THUMBS!!!!!!!!!

    So lovely and charming your little girl helper.....!!

    Thanks so much for your always kind and joyful comments; I appreciate them very much, cara Lori!

    Enjoy your little grandchildren; the summer and all your beautiful Art Activities.......!!
    A presto
    (ohh, how about some italian too....?)
    ciao ciao elvira

  8. I'm going to take an extra nap today on your behalf and then beam you the extra energy.

  9. take it easy these next few days. It's going to be miserable.

  10. I'm so disappointed you all have been as hot as we have. Ugh. Surely yours won't last as long though, eh?

    Have you ever made kale chips?

  11. I always find it so amazing how easily you grow everything outside and I had to build some fancy greenhouse to do it! The local "farm" has an open house this weekend. I want to go and see how they grow so much outside. It can be done,but probably not as easily as you do it. (My spinach has bolted all summer a couple inches out of the ground and it hasn't even been hot).

    Was that swiss chard? My leaves are the same, but the ribs are huge like rhubarb. Unfortunately, as with how my life goes, I have let some go to waste. Hopeing to blanch and freeze a bunch this week. Any suggestions on how to "preserve" kohlrabi? I have a bunch that needs harvested. In fact, I would find it very interesting if you ever find the time in your busy life to do a post on the things you grow and how you can or freeze it. I have so much to learn.


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