Sunday, July 24, 2011


 Phoebe Bluegrass in the beets (rescued from Kentucky at 10 weeks old - Certified Therapy Dog).

 Bermuda (18 year old rescue kitty)

 L'orange Marmalade (moved into our barn last fall, now neutered and goes in and out)

 Berlin (3/4 Trakehner born here - 26 years old).

 Seymour the Tiger, found in a field by Barb (1 year old), Phoebe and Gucci (rescued from Tennessee).

 Mademoiselle Gucci Poochie 'Lisbet Skoog

 Glen Aberlour (Pony of the Americas - 13 years old)

 Belle (owned by my friend Jill - 8 year old quarter horse - been here 1 month).

 My neighbors Rooster....

 Sidney His Buddy (got him to keep Seymour company - his Mom was a rescue owned by friend Pam)

 Home on the range.
Masterpiece of '79 (Appy Thoroughbred + going on 33) getting the Spa Treatment.

Except for the rooster, all of these animals live on Skoog Farm.

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  1. I didn't think about posting pics of my dog and cat! Love your animals. Your farm is a happy place. :)

  2. Great pictures (as always). I didn't realize that Berlin was born at your place. How cool is that? A horse is born into the paradise of your farm and gets to live there his whole life. Wow!

  3. you got some cool looking pets. We only have each other
    Benny & Lily

  4. I haven't been over here for a while. What fab photos! They have made me smile.

  5. Like Annette, I didn't realize Berlin was born at Skoog Farm. Would love to see some pictures of him through the years. "Must have been a beautiful baby".....

  6. i love that photo of the ginger cat; i have a soft spot for ginger kittys <3

  7. yes, love your extended family of all your pets. so good of you to rescue so many!


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