Friday, June 10, 2011


After chores that is.....
 The cold front landed last night, so this morning I needed to wear pants and a sweatshirt.
 Did my same old same old.
 When Gary got back from coffee he worked in the veggie gardens...weeding and planting (pickling cucumbers).  Now we have rhubarb, a few strawberries, onions, chives, leeks, garlic, beets, cucumbers, tomatoes, plum tomatoes, green and red peppers, 2 kinds of parsley, basil, dill and beans...all planted.
 The onions are dong very well.

Gar and I had to be cleaned up and ready to go by 11:30 as we were being treated to lunch by the Talleys.   Payola for all the meals we fed Tom while Deb was away.  Their grandson Max was visiting and he went with us to Fairport.
 The Blue Cactus - Mexican Grille...Tom and Deb had been there before.
 Started out with some gazpacho...had a little zip to it.
 Then we all ordered something different.
 Here are a couple of examples.
 Even split a dessert...can't remember the name of it (fried dough).
 Afterward, we wandered over toward the Erie Canal.

 Lots of activity.

 Boating, biking, walking....
 This Village really has it together. 

 They've done a great job with their Village Hall, Library and commercial district.

 Got home a little after three and there was Doug N. loading our last bucket of horse manure!  Yayyyyy!  Had no idea he was coming today and was pleasantly surprised.
 Deb picked some spinach and I picked a bag for Doug...the least I could do.
 Gar was in charge of gathering a bag of rhubarb.

By 4pm he was down in the village for a meeting, and I cut down a few weeds around the fences...that could take a couple of weeks.

At 6:30 we went to A Different Path Gallery for the opening I spoke about yesterday.

 The place was packed.
 It would be nice if they all bought one of my cards!

 I was very happy to see Monika there tonight.  Bill (her husband) makes sure she gets out and about as much as possible...more since her treatments ended.  She looked terrific!
 Home before 8...it looks like rain might be on the way.
 Brought some flowers into the kitchen today.  They smell so good.
 I suppose L'orange Marmalade thinks they're ok.
Tomorrow is another day.
Night all.


  1. Looks like such a great/busy day. The gallery opening looks like a lot of fun.

  2. A day off and you are still on the go! I hope you sell lots of cards, too! :) Everything there grows so fast! I wish my gardens produced that quickly (I haven't learned the secret...I need to take some classes at Calypso Farms and they really crank out the stuff).

  3. Oh wonderful -- a picture of Monika. And what fun to see all the other dear people I miss!

  4. What a day off! I enjoyed every hour you shared, Lori. Hope you're having a great weekend. Jo

  5. I've said it before, but I'll say it again: I think your days are 3-days-packed-together. Love all the pics!

  6. It looks like you had a wonderful time Lori,that food looks so good!

  7. That was quite the day off! I bet you had sopapillas for dessert. The restaurant looks scrumptious.

  8. It's Saturday and I'm reading about your day off, and I hope your day today has been spent resting up--I hope its been an enjoyable one too!!


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