Wednesday, June 29, 2011


After Barb and I finished chores, she had a hay delivery.  Fortunately we had help! 
Poor Barb...after unloading 148 bales she had to get cleaned up and go into work.  Nonstop activity for days.
As we were finishing up, Gary and Tom came upstairs to see if Tom's grandson was still alive, having never unloaded and stacked hay before.  He just got here two days ago from Spain and was ready to earn some bucks.
I love the view from the top of the barn.
The hay looked pretty good too!  Smelled great.

I spent much of the day cleaning upstairs.  Our two granddaughters are arriving tonight, and will spend a month at the farm....I needed to make sure their bedroom was all set.

I did evening chores around 5:30 and once again, was not in the mood to make dinner.

Several crows were hanging out in the dead tree that sits in the back pasture.
You know how all the most recent blossoms have been yellow?  Now we are moving into the orange daylilly stage.

These little white (whatever they are) flowers continue to thrive in the paddock.

We would still love to place several hundred of these orange posies.

On my way down to pick up some burgers I stopped at Barb's to see what changes took place today.
Ron was busy.  He put up the fence, set the solar fencer (and checked it...it worked!), set a telephone pole to hold up the gate and continued to move the footing that was delivered yesterday.

After we ate I checked out the upstairs and it appeared that we were ready.
Ariana and Daniela are going to share the "Sleigh Bed Room."
I even cut them a vase of flowers.
...and added a little "couch" of sorts for lounging.
In the past they shared this room.  I think Finn and Coop will want to hang out there for a few overnights.  These four kids love to be together....and they will be tomorrow.  We are going to Tina's pool part of the time.
This quilt is at the top of the stairs....it was made by my art students and we hang it at all the art shows that have been held at the library (9).
The evening light was beautiful....Gary was out on the porch reading and I went out to put the horses in for the night.  Barb needed a break, even tho she loves to see Mustafa every night.  Good thing she lives around the corner.  Spoke to Jill today.  She will be moving her mare, Belle, here on Friday.
So much from command central.  (Those hundreds of books belong to Gary...the pile gets higher every week)!
Night all.


  1. Beautiful pics--these came through very large so could see every detail. No text tho, not sure if that was/is intentional . . .

  2. Your home is lovely - so warm and welcoming.
    I look forward to pictures of the new mare, and the herd's reaction.

  3. Your little white flower is White Campion. It is a pretty little thing and a treat for me to see since around here all we seem to have are the Bladder Campions, which are not as showy.

    I can't wait to see pictures of your Granddaughters, and to see how they have matured in the past year. I remember that they had a great time at your place last year, and I'm sure that they will again this year.

  4. What welcoming bedrooms for your grandchildren. The girls will love it.

    Everything says..."Let the fun begin."

    Fascinating to watch Barb's little barn come together so quickly. Can't wait to meet her Grace.

    And then there's your new boarder coming tomorrow. So much fun!

  5. They are cutting hay in the field next to us today, and the wind is carrying the scent over to us--It brings back good memories. It also looks like you'll be making some new memories with your granddaughters! What fun it will be to have them! I hope you're having a good day!!


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