Monday, June 20, 2011


 By now, you know about the way I start my day....

 It was the same old same old...Boy am I going to miss Barb!

Here's what made the morning different.  At 9:30,  Christine Zinni, a Prof from the college (Anthropology Department) brought her Food and Culture class to the farm to learn more about organic gardening.  We set them up in the Studio Barn and Gary made a presentation.
 It was very easy for him to speak on this topic as he knows it well.  No notes needed.
 When we were at the Carlton for lunch yesterday, Gary told Steve (our favorite chef) what the plan was for today and invited him to come over to explain his philosophy of food from a restaurant owner/chef point of view.  What a perfect addition to the conversation.
 They looked at all the veggie gardens and seemed very interested.
 How refreshing, to have these young people interested in "slow food" and all that goes along with it.

 At 11:30 we all drove down to Java for a great lunch and more talk.
 Joe, from the Lift Bridge Book Store, came over to let them know about reading material that was available and stressed how important it is to support local merchants/farmers etc.

 Bobbie (who works at Java...owned by her partner Pete) also spoke to the students about farming.
She grew up on one and now, as an adult, has a great appreciation for the way her father took care of the cattle and other animals.  None of this industrial stuff where the animals (and chickens) are given no respect or decent living conditions.
 There is talk of developing a community garden for town and college people.  Some very exciting ideas are in the air, and these kids are going to be at the root of the whole local movement.  Another outstanding experience for all of us.

Home around 2:15.  Gary was off to a painting job and I vegged for awhile.  Then it was chore time again.

 Tonight's salad was spinach, onion, fresh picked strawberries and a nice juicy mango our friend Judy brought up from her tree in Florida.  That mango was nothing like the ones we get up here.  Not stringy and much sweeter.
 BBQued a couple of boneless chicken breasts in the oven, with lots of carmalized onions....a side of baked sweet potatoes.
 Good home cookin'.  Are you hungry yet?
Night all.


  1. Yes I'm hungry! And I just ate, darn you!
    Did I miss something in all my blogger woes? Is Barb leaving?

  2. What a fascinating day learning about organic farming, animals, etc.
    Look forward to hearing more about the projects.
    That salad looks great!

  3. Short and sweet today..have to go and caretake my 95 year old Pop in Law...he's waiting impatiently...PS The jackets were worn to ward off the flies because of the 40 days of rain and the wind on that hill is mighty...so protection is necessary on the coastline. We have such changeable weather and must be prepared at all times... oh the life of a Maritimer...foggy, soggy and sometimes boggy! Cheers Lori!!!!

  4. Everything looks and I'm sure tastes delicious. What a great lesson for all the students who want to learn about organic gardening.

    Love the new header. You have a beautiful place.

  5. Oh, I just finished a big lunch, but that looks good that I could sit down and polish the whole plate off!

  6. How very interesting...I would love to hear Gary speak about his gardening.

  7. Gardening has become very popular. I've gotten to the point where I don't trust very much that's sold in the regular grocery store. That salad looks so good!


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