Monday, April 11, 2011


Good morning!

It was warm from the getgo.
Everything is popping up.
After chores I went over to the indoor and started a massive cleaning.  We are having a party there on Sunday after the last performance of Sankofa.  Because I left the door open for the horses during the winter, pigeons went in and out and made a biggamess!  (That's for you Sharon).  I used a paint scraper to get the crapola off the ledge at the top of the kickboards.  Then a wisk broom....then I raked up everything that fell on the floor and dragged the ring.  It's in pretty good shape and will be somewhat transformed.
The garlic next to the indoor is growing like crazy.
Finally, some color in the gardens.

This afternoon Phoebe took her usual nap on the back cushion of Gary's favorite chair.
 L'orange and Seymour have become great buds, and are frequently found in their outdoor lounge.
 Monday night!  Dinner with Jen and the boys.
 A great salad and stroganoff with toasted bread.
 I'm very impressed that Jen can work, be home in time to get the kids off the bus and have dinner ready by 5:15.  Delish.
Before we left, I played a little tug o war with Buster.
 Ice was only interested in watching.
 The boys went out in the front yard for some serious activity.  At one point, Coop asked Finn for a hug...sweet.
 Joe H. came over and they started off throwing a ball around.
 Next, they switched to basketball.

 As we were leaving, Jen was getting them organized for kickball.

Home by 6:30 and out to do chores.  We were supposed to get some rain today, but it never happened.
The temperature made it to the mid 70s, but the WIND was outrageous.

 Of course, my piggies were filthy.
I can't get used to seeing Mustafa like this.  Can't wait until she is finished clipping him.

The evening light was very subtle in the barn.

Dancing.... Night all.


  1. It sounds and looks like your week is off to a pretty good start! :-)

  2. Another full day at the Skoog Farm.

  3. Omw, Lori, what a HUGE barn you cleaned all by yourself. I was exhausted just watching you! (lol!) Love all the images, Phoebe the cats and your sweet grands. Do you have other dogs as well: Buster? HAve a great day today with the newness of spring and warmth all around you. Blessings Jo

  4. I can't believe how fast you go from winter to summer. Spring almost passes you by. My son and I were just talking tonight about how that is the one thing we don't like about where we live..."Spring" is two months of ice. It thaws, freezes, snows, thaws, freezes. The ice is so thick everywhere we can't do many winter activites and can't do summer things either. It's just a long, slippery couple of months.

    Slow down and enjoy that color in your garden and the warm temperatures. I would love it!

  5. Such good pictures of Spring...rebirth and hope after such a hard winter.

    Love the boys are still young enough to give "hugs" to each other. That is a nice age.

  6. The indoor ring looks magnificent, but boy, you work hard! I'd better go rest. haha.


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