Friday, April 22, 2011


 This is going to be short and sweet.  I ran out of gas after writing the post below.
 Another not so nice day.  A very gloomy morning.

Berlin came to see me before I left the paddock.  What a very sweet girl.

 Gary spent some time in his new shed, setting up all his tools.  Also put up a new mailbox.
Last night our friend Judy stopped up and brought a bouquet of Iris.  They started opening this afternoon.  And the tulips (from the Sankofa party) were asking to be photographed.

Not a terribly productive day.  Went to Wegmans to buy groceries...guests tomorrow night and Sunday.  Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day so I had to get it done.

Eventually the sun came out but it wasn't for long...that darn wind!

Around 5:30 I was reading an email from Sally and decided to give her a call about dinner.  She was available and arrived before 6!  How's that for being spontaneous?
 A simple supper.  Salad. Pasta. Crusty rolls.
 Tasted great and good company.
 She went with me to do evening chores and then had a tour of the property.  When we got back to the house she had a visit with L'orange Marmalade.  Once again, I forgot to take pictures when we were outside.  Oh well.
She left before 9 and here I am.
Night all.


  1. The flowers are beautiful! Looks like a nice spontaneous dinner!

  2. Nice to have spontaneous guests. And, your supper looks great. Pasta tonight for us as well.

  3. I didn't think anyone had as many shovels as Brett but Gary may have him beat. :)

  4. Look at that big handsome L'Orange!

    Berlin is a real sweetheart.

  5. love that tulip and the iris will be so pretty i am sure! orange cat looks great to cuddle with! :)

  6. I would respond to a dinner invitation at your home in a flash as well, Lori. Your home, animals, farm and food are all so inviting. Have a great weekend. Jo

  7. Too bad about the gloomy weather. Maybe it will turn soon. We also have some wind (and I dislike wind!), but it has been sunny and today it is 50*!! :) Happy Easter to you and your family.


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