Tuesday, April 5, 2011


It wasn't very pretty when I went out to the barn this morning.  Soggy from the rain we've had and a lot cooler than yesterday.

L'orange loves being in the house, especially when the weather isn't the greatest.

Gucci and Phoebe were ready to take naps.

I decided to make that vegetarian chili I've been hungry for.

2pm...time for class.  Mel finished the watercolor of the lighthouse.

Tina started on a pastel drawing of  a Highland cow and calf (which came from one of the blogs I follow... Hidden Meadow).

Donna continued to work on her colored pencil drawing of a tiger...
and will be using a tooth brush to put "snow" on her drawing of the berries below.

Sara (who you saw at yesterday's luncheon) stopped in to buy some of my cards!  Thank you Sara.

Before she left, Tina gave Gucci and Phoebe their second treat.  They are so into this ritual!

We had an early dinner.

In addition to the salad, we had rice and beans.  I love putting chili on top of the rice.

It never warmed up today and was blowing like this was great comfort food.

The fire was going most of the day.

Then a little after 5, the sun came out and all was beautiful (and windy).

The ponies were near the fence so the wind would be blocked.

The garlic was oblivious and continued to grow.

Barb had chore duty.

Look who asked me to take his picture today....

A beautiful evening.

Playing bridge tonight.  Sally, this is the hand I dealt myself (she wonders what I would bid).  16 high card points and more with distribution.  A nice spade suit, but not enough points to open at 2....weak in diamonds and only one club.  Would hate to get stuck in no trump...but  I think I would start at 1 no and then jump in spades on my next turn.  What would you do?

Have to get ready now.  Night all.


  1. Your dinner looks delish Lori.
    It was soggy here all day too & yes the sun came out this evening - finally!
    Have fun playing bridge.

  2. Just keep those L'Orange shots coming!

  3. Love that pic of L'Orange. What a sweet cat.

  4. Great post as usual,you know I`m in love with that picture,looks great!!

  5. Hi Lori!! Your class really has so much talent--I love the watercolor of the lighthouse.

    I hope you've had a good evening playing bridge and your week is off to a good start too--It looks like it is! :-)

  6. Another good day at Skook Farm.
    As for bridge. . .I'd bid 'Time for a nap.'


  7. Possible 4 losers...I'd bid 1 spade, thinking to bid 3 spades for second bid...depending on partner's answer, could end in 2 or4 spades or 4 hearts.
    Your 1 no would tell me you had even distribution and 16 count.

  8. I see you had another lovely day there. Your chili looks yummy. I really like the artwork of your "students".
    Also, I like the new arrangement of the text and photos on your blog.

  9. That veggie chili looked yummy. :) I don't usually eat rice with my chili. We Texans like to put lots of Fritos in ours. :)

  10. My husband likes chili on rice. Wind is never fun and it looks like we have a bit of it today with our snow flurries from last night. Would love to see garlic (or anything) growing outside! :)

  11. Lucky L'Orange! He's one happy cat. Now, if we can only get some warmer winds blowing. I'm still lighting a fire in the evening too. I was thinking last night that I wish I was lighting the bbq on the patio instead.

  12. part of me
    runs away from stress
    by visiting Skoog Farm
    her food, skies &


    Warm Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral



  13. cold rainy weather certainly makes you want to cozy up and do something in the house. Painting and eating...why not! Love the horse shots today and I am partial to the evergreen with the hanging needles!


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