Friday, March 4, 2011


 After the longest winter in captivity, we have had several mornings in a row with real sunrises!
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And then, there is Farm Friend Friday....
After I go feed the horses, will post some pictures.

About Skoog Farm

Our family moved here 30 years ago...I did not want to leave our house in the village, as we had just completed redoing the kitchen and other parts of the house.  At the time we were boarding our first two horses...Shadow (who passed almost 20 years ago) and Masterpiece of '79 (who is still here).

When we looked at the farm (we were just driving by) I quickly changed my mind as the horses could now live with us....and there was an inground swimming pool.  Whooppeeee.  The house was built in 1853.
 The inside was very spacious.  (The windows in the photo below are the originals).

There were two gambrel roofed barns, each over a hundred years old and loaded with junk.
In 1992 we put up an indoor arena...not all that big, but a great addition.
Even tho we moved to the farm, we stayed very involved with the village.
Our house is full of art and the yard is scattered with sculpture.
We are into and veggies.  Gary sells seed garlic.

Until recently, I always had 6 horses.  And of course we have had many dogs and cats (almost all were rescues).  Now, we are down to three horses.

Our two dogs are Gucci (from Tennessee) and Phoebe (from Kentucky).
 In the past year we adopted three cats.
Seymour...(who was found in a field with his two siblings next to Barb's house when he was 10 or 12 weeks old).
L'orange Marmalade (who found us)....
And Sidney His Buddy ( who we adopted to keep Seymour company).
Bermuda is our oldest cat and will be 17 years old.

As for horses....
Above is Masterpiece of '79 who will be 32 in a couple of months.  He is an Appy with no real coloring (whose Dam had some thoroughbred in her).  Aside from his blown up/arthritic knee he is doing very well.
 This is King Mustafa.  He is soon to be 24, a 17h Hanovarian owned by Barb.
 We call Glen Aberlour "Abbe".  She is a 14.3 POA and was foaled in 1999.
Berlin is a 3/4 Trakehner ... the horse I ride the most.  She will be 26 this year and acts 10.

 We had to fill in our pool after using it for 27 years.  It was a shock to my system not to have it.
Gary spent the last two years turning the pool house into an art studio for us.
I have been teaching art at home for 9 years and love having this new space.

I have always had a deep interest in African Dancing and Drumming as we have an exceptional group at the college (State University of New York at Brockport) called Sankofa.  Last year I started drumming and go to the college every Saturday to jam with a master drummer and up to 18 other drummers.  Also participate in another drumming group that meets at our house twice a month.  What an experience.
Last week I made a drum out of a 55 gallon drum.
Those of you who read my Journal know I am a food nut.  Love to cook.
A few months ago I started making and selling cards of my photographs.  So far so good.  Keep me in mind if you need blank can find them on my sidebar.
This morning, our hibiscus plant was showing off a new blossom.

and that's all she wrote (this is just the tip of the iceburg).  Have to get ready to go to a drumming workshop in Jamestown and won't be able to post again before tomorrow.  Have a great day!


  1. Hi Lori I just discovered your Blog via the BRTA newsletter. . . I'll be back. . . beautiful pictures (especially of our gorgeous western New York skies. . ) and nice "sipping my coffee" music.Glad I found you.Take care. Debbie Preston

  2. That header picture of L'Orange is a real AHHH! I hope it finds it's way onto a card. Enjoy Jamestown.

  3. This is beautiful! I really like the gate, fences, and snow in the barnyard, all aglow from the sunrise!

  4. Long winter here too.. .This is a gorgeous sunrise!

  5. Very nice blog and sky feature today. I trust you and all the others that have been having such a terrible winter continues to improve.

  6. Yellow hibiscus....we have had one particular plant for 20 years and it is yellow. Love the shades and the hint of maroon every now and again. Very nice post...thanks for offering your little world to all of us! Cheers!

  7. It's like you are living the dream, Lori. What a great place you have and I am so happy you share with so many animals:)))

    Oh, the food ALWAYS looks delicious!!!

  8. great shots...I enjoy watching the photos..thanks for sharing! Glad to be here. Hope you can check out my ENTRY too!

  9. Great story and great photographs to go with it.
    I am always interested. Thanks.

  10. LOVE visiting here!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral



  11. When may I move in???

    I used to raise horses and I love cats.

    I will be very quiet.

    You won't even know I'm there.

  12. Great pictures. I love your house and barns the whole place is beautiful. How very lucky we are to have our horses living with us.

  13. Lori, I loved this post and to learn about how you came to Skoog Farm. I just love your farm-it’s beautiful. The house is gorgeous and looks so homey. Curious-what made you fill int he pool? Love the art studio and your beautiful animals of course!
    Thanks for sharing this with FFF too :)


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