Monday, March 28, 2011


 These mornings are starting to all look alike!  Yikes!  Who could complain?  (A couple people wondered how I get that star look in the sun....I shoot straight at it and it just happens...Canon PowerShot SX20).

 Don't get me was sunny, but still very cold.
 Chores....yada yada....
 You already know where I put the hay.

 Obviously, Phoebe and Gucci were rolling in something, as there was hay stuck to the velcro on both of their coats.
 Finished chores and seriously considered going on a bike ride.  Put on my hat, jacket and gloves and immediately changed my mind when I got outside.  The wind .....
 Instead, I went over to the Studio Barn to see what the temperature was.  With just solar heat it was 54.  That's it! Tomorrow I am going to put on the heater and start having my classes out there.  In the meantime, I shoveled a path from the driveway over, so the sun would melt everything and dry it out.
While I was removing the snow from the deck, my friend Carol showed up with a book for Gary (who was down in the village donating blood).  The book is about Lucille Ball, who lived very near Gary's hometown of Jamestown, and there were many references to things he might be interested in.
 Can't wait to be back out there for art and drumming.
 Cooper was home from school with a messed up tummy, so we cancelled our's on later this week instead.  Jen said he is feeling better now.

I just threw together what I had on hand...made a goulash of sorts with a salad and homemade bread that one of the drummers brought yesterday.  Chet (The Bread Man) has brought a loaf for everyone at drumming each time he has been here.  Excellent.
 Went out to do chores around 6:30.  The sun was just as beautiful as it was this morning.

 Set up the water and grain (did the hay this morning)...they were happy to come in.  I hope they enjoy the fluffy shavings we put in their stalls this afternoon.  Our friend Alvin had two huge barrels for us.
 Had to grab some shots of the remaining snow...the sun has melted it in a way that reminds me of waves.

 Not even close to dark when I got back in the house.
 Look at what's ready to bloom.
Could spring be very far away?
Night all.


  1. I think the dogs are so cute in their coats, but I am sure they (and the horses) will be glad when they can go outside without them.

  2. I just love reading your post!

  3. bright and sunny here too but darned cold in the lower 30's at night high 30's, low 40's in the afternoons and wind like it's right out of Artic.

    I LOVE your studio =)

  4. Sunny here in Virginia today too, but spring was cancelled for the day! The scenery from my office was not nearly as lovely as yours was and I hope the warmth melts your snow very soon so the pups can shed those coats! Enjoy your evening!!!

  5. Nothing blooming in my yard yet. I think the crocuses croaked. Good to see things blooming somewhere.

  6. our primroses here in suffolk, (UK) are extra lovely this year and bluebell foliage is fattening up nicely. this is the time of year when i want it all to slow down and last longer. if only....

  7. Snow or sun, I always enjoy looking at your lovely country setting with it's big sky!

  8. It's beautiful here today as well -- a wet snow fell and is clinging to everything.

    Have a wonderful Tuesday! :)

  9. Great pictures. The sun is deceiving though, it was cold and windy here too. Spring is coming, that's my new mantra, but I'm finding it hard to convince myself.

  10. That spring is really going to pop soon, isn't it? Then you and the animals can all stretch and inhale all that pollen. haha. :)


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