Thursday, March 31, 2011


Here's my sunrise!
Isn't it beautiful? And the lovely white ground!
 Ahhhhhhh....spring has sprung......

 After chores I went down to Wegman's.  The cupboards were bare.
 At 2 Gary and I had a meeting with Mike M. regarding the Duck Derby.  We are getting our thoughts together for this event that will sneak up on us before we know it.
 Home and in front of the fire.
L'orange joined me.
 At 4:30 we had a representative come to discuss putting in some new windows upstairs.  I felt like I was at a car dealership.  What a number they try to do on you.  They start out high...Like $1400 per window (not even big ones) and 2 hours later it was down to $680.  Fagetaboutit!

By this afternoon the amaryliss blossoms were totally open.
 Sure different from the lack of color outside.

Gary wanted to go out to dinner tonight so we headed down to the Garland.  I had a Buffalo Wing salad and Gary had broiled fish.  Did I remember to take pictures?

I forgot to show you the new drum that arrived yesterday.  It is called a Dagomba and is from Ghana.
Now I need to learn how to play it....psyched!  It is played with a stick or sticks, not with your hands.  More of a bass drum.  Have I lost it or what?

By the way, all the snow was melted by late afternoon.
Night all.


  1. The big March snow flakes are very pretty, but I know you must be sick of them :) Gorgeous pictures though.
    Very pretty amarylis.

  2. Beautiful Amaryliss, cozy fire, L'orange...all warm colors to brighten one more winter day.

  3. Well, you seem to be missing the "sun" in your sunrise, but other than that they are very nice pictures! Some days are just like that--nothing but grey. I do love your header pic--that little pony is just too cute. Have a great weekend. Mickie :)

  4. Noooo! Not more snow! Will it ever end?
    The new drum is a beauty! Can't wait to hear it.

  5. Hi Lori, Ed looked up how to replace the windows in the house in Greece and it wasn't that hard. The toughest part was making sure they were measured correctly. But we bought replacement windows from Home Depot and I believe they cost around 120-200 a window. And what a difference they made. Not only warmer but cut down on the road noise. We could barely hear all the traffic going by and we lived on a busy road. I'm only mentioning it because I know that Gary's pretty handy! Good luck!!

  6. The indoor blooms are gorgeous. Good way to bring spring indoors while snow is on the ground. Nice blog!


  7. Those flowers look lovely! and yes PLEASE bring me some spring! Right now it's looking pretty good but they say this afternoon we are gonna get more snow... ugh...

    Thanks for sharing

  8. I love the flowers! They are gorgeous!

    Do you set the hay nets up the night before for the ponies?

    They have such a good life with you Lori!

  9. Very cool drum--I understand the appeal!


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