The Rebel is back....

The Rebel is back....


Thursday, July 1, 2010


Jenny stopped at the farm to pick up Ariana so she could join Finn and Coop for a trip to Virginia and Washington DC. They had their DVD players, donuts, drinks, suitcases, cell phones, cameras and more.
They reached their destination before 5pm and sounded like they all survived the trip.
Gary went to Java, walked and had an appointment with the massage therapist.

I did chores...took my good old time.

New blossoms at Skoog Farm. This color combination has not been here before.

Mulched the paddock and mowed the south end of it. When I put the lawn tractor back I saw all these mushrooms...growing near a stump.

A little before 10:30 I got a call from Tina to see if I could help her out hooking the Sand Man to a cart for the first time (since she has had him). I went right down and she had the harness on him by the time I arrived. Made a few adjustments, hooked him and we were off to the back meadow. Dream did not go too crazy and Mr. Sandman was a doll. Be sure and check out the video below. I am very proud of Tina for doing such a great job.
For some reason, I think Roger has taken a real liking to this horse. Rumor has it that he has been seen many times , paying Sand visits.
What a good pony!!!

I got home just as Jerry, Kim and Gary were putting a few bales of hay in the feed room.
They had their two dogs with them.
Hopefully, this series of decent days will provide me with some fresh hay. We have not had very good baling weather....

Around 2:45 I headed down to Apple Creek Farm to mow the lawn...Gary spent the afternoon digging up more garlic.

Louise had many beautiful flowers in her garden (as usual).

On the way home I drove by the Welcome Center to see what the boat situation was.
5 or 6 were docked. Things are looking up.

Got back home, started dinner and went out to do chores. PC's leg is doing a little better now that it is not wrapped and gooped. It has started drying out. Thanks to all of you who have been concerned about him.

This is the view from Berlin's stall looking out at the paddock.
After they had their grain, they went straight back out to the pasture.
The paddock looks much better, now that it has dried out. We are supposed to have a heat wave starting on July 4th. Big Woop! Fan City!
All the hostas are loaded with purple blossoms.
Dinner? Rosa Marina with leftover sauce, spinach salad (what else) and Italian bread.
Cantaloupe and blueberries for dessert. I'm going to go put the horses in and will have some when I get back in the house....before my nice hot shower. The past two nights have been in the 40s.
Goodnight Jen...goodnight Ariana...goodnight Finn...goodnight Cooper...goodnight John Boy.

Here are Tina and Mr. Sandman on their first drive in the meadow.

Night all!!!!!....and more Sandman....

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  1. It certainly was a lovely day yesterday, and it looks like you enjoyed it to the fullest. That purple eyed day lily is gorgeous. Of course, I have a real thing for day lilies. Glad everyone made it safely South. It's a trip I make a lot, to visit an aged Aunt, so I know it can get a little tiring towards the end.


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