Thursday, October 22, 2009

#2042 - SHORT AND SWEET....

For the past three mornings it has been so dreary, the barn light's on when I go out to do chores.

This morning a contractor was supposed to be here at 9 to put fill in the horse barn run in. When I finally got into the house, a message was waiting that he was sick all night and was not going to make it. He was supposed to be here the first of the month, then the second week, and now this. I cancelled the deal...tired of waiting. Besides, since we lost Joe, the horses have not been abusing the area as much and it is nice and dry. I may just leave it as is and save my money.

In the meantime, I dragged a water trough out to the pasture and filled it...put the morning hay out there, and moved some mats around in Abbe's stall so some fill could be added. What a pain in the butt. I had to go back out and put everything back to normal. The idea was to keep the horses out of the paddock while the tractor was running back and forth with the fill.

The sky was very beautiful part of the day.

PC came in for water first...just like he does every morning. He totally blew off the water I had put in the pasture.

I decided to drag the outdoor area and started getting the indoor set up for the party. Gary was positively thrilled to take down some netting I had over the doors...it was caked with pigeon crap! I am now going to keep the doors closed and the horses out until it snows. Have to get rid of every last bird...THEY MAKE SUCH A MESS.

I hooked up a cart to my lawn tractor and moved tables and chairs into the indoor.

Of course the leaves had to fall off all over the place today, just because I had the lawn looking gorgeous.

Gucci always wants to go out with me.

There's more yellow everyday.

I started on a very simple dinner and went out to do chores. Veggie burgers, baked beans and coleslaw. Part of that comfort food diet.

By now it was grey again and raining. I picked the pastures anyway.

Who knows, maybe the grass will start to grow again.

In for the night, ate dinner and am now highlighting my hair. Need a boost. Never left the property today...will have to do that tomorrow so I can get the rest of the stuff I need for Saturday night. I expect about 70 people...we are supposed to have a downpour. It's a good thing we have that nice new roof. Signing off til tomorrow. Night all.

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  1. The yellow leaves are just gorgeous. I could look at them all day!


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